Hello Wembley!

So I’ve decided to write a style blog. Yeah I know..who the hell do I think I am?

The raison d’etre for the blog is style during pregnancy; I’m 18 weeks pregnant at time of writing and the thing I’ve noticed the most (in this time of my life where I’m most likely to buy new clothes at an alarming rate) since I got pregnant is that maternity fashion is non existent. There are no pregnancy fashion or style blogs, most maternity wear is unflattering, impractical or ugly and I can’t find any articles with tips for pregnant style. GAP IN THE MARKET.

It’s quite depressing when you want to buy buy buy, get new clothes, change your style to adjust to your changing shape, and all you can find is a thread on mumsnet about just wearing a pair of old leggings instead of bothering with new stuff. Err….no sorry. Won’t do.

But at the same time, this time of your life is fraught with money worries…over a year period, once the baby comes, I’ll be living on less than half my salary…so spending LOADSA MONEY on clothes which I can only wear for a few months seems nuts. So in this blog I’ll be writing about how I’m dressing to suit my growing bump, clothes I’m picking up for new, second hand or from the back of the wardrobe. I’ll focus on maternity wear but also good normal clothes which work for maternity shapes and then can be worn post baby…

I’ll feature my daily outfits (if they’re not shit) and talk about different style trends and tricky problems I have as the pregnancy progresses..

I suppose this is why pregnancy blogs are few and far between..To follow my blog you have to be both preggo and preggo at the same time as me, for the seasons and styles to work…but hopefully you’ll get something out of it and I get to take loads of pics of myself so everyone’s a winner.

REALLY helpful thread on mumsnet

REALLY helpful thread on mumsnet




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