Daily Style: A Splash of Colour

Well today was basically sweltering but this outfit served me well. Mainly cos I sat under the air conditioning vent at work and didn’t leave the building but I’m sure the outfit helped too..


Jersey played another huge role in the ensemble with another asos skirt. I have this one in both navy, as worn here, and in black. I like them cos they’re really versatile and comfy. Theyre both pre pregnancy too.. In fact everything I’m wearing is. I like this skirt  as a maternity one cos it sits above the bump.. Doesn’t show it off enough yet though.. Actually, today two men in the office said, oh look your bump is looking big.. So maybe it does! They may have wondered if I was preggo for a while but weren’t sure if I had just eaten too many pies.


Anyways, the top is from New Look and from last summer.. It’ll last a while cos it’s quite long and roomy at the waist and it’s a blessed low cut wrap top.. Perfect for big bosoms! (been a while since I said the word bosom)

The shoes are from good old marksys but don’t worry I didn’t commute in them.. I actually wore trainers for the journey cos I tend to trip and fall down a lot otherwise.


I added a splash of colour with a bright yellow zara necklace (my mum also has this in green which I may borrow to jazz up the outfits I’ll be wearing over and over) and white raybans . Finished off with a belt from. Topshop which is years old and I bought it as a ‘fun’ festival belt but is now a staple.

And that’s that! Now off for a cold shower.



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