Guest Style: Suzie

So today’s post features a lovely guest who I met at Victoria station during rush hour.. I spotted her from afar on account of her lovely big bump and eye catching, on trend fruity body con dress.

Meet Suzie…


Suzie is 30 weeks pregnant and she seemed genuinely surprised that I wanted to take her picture and thought she looked enorme but I reckon she looks cool and chic and a real stylspiration. New word.

I love the brightly coloured fruity dress and bright shoes that go really well, and most of all it’s body con and clings to the bump..Perfect! The icing on the cake is the top not which was I was pretty jel of cos my hair won’t grow at all.

But enough about that.. Suzie’s dress is from topshop and she bought it recently..It’s not maternity either..She just bought it in a bigger size..Great tip for me for when I get bigger..

When chatting we both agreed that maternity wear is rubbish and unflattering, in rank colours..Suzie said the only maternity wear she’s actually bought are a pair of topshop jeans and a few vests..And the vests were a waste and she didn’t really need them..

And then you have it.. It was pretty exciting going up to a stranger and saying hi can I feature you on my style blog please..I felt like a cool city journo and will defo do it again..

Catch you later and thanks to Suzie for letting me grill her and take her photo..



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