Daily Style: City Cool

I didn’t call this post city cool because I think I’m cool. Just thought I’d put that out there. It’s just that’s it’s still hot AND rainy today so my outfit needed to keep me COOL and also be suitable for running about the city in rain.


I opted for a new maternity dress from asos..It’s jersey (New drinking game.. every time I say ‘jersey’ you have to drink) and really I can’t tell what’s maternity about it apart from that jersey (woo drink!) maxi dresses work on big bumps. But still, I really like it cos it has thick straps and doesn’t show my bra.. And the back is low so I can show my tattoo and not get ‘hot back’ also.


I had on my trusty New Balance trainers which I love to death cos they’re sooo comfy and keep feet drier than sandals would. Plus they’re nice and retro so I don’t just like I’ve ruined my outfit with weird gym trainers.


To jazz it all up I wore brightly coloured earrings from Zara which make me think of carnival or something, a gold and pink string necklace from Accessorize and I did my nails multi coloured too.. And to finish it all off a classic baby on board badge.. In case you don’t live in London, you get these from tfl to wear on public transport so people give you a seat but I tend to just ask people anyways. I just like people knowing I’m preggo and I’m an attention seeker. I’ve been wearing it since I was 8 weeks..


So that’s it for today..by the way, today the baby loves coleslaw.



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