Weekend Style: Gardening Chic

Well it’s a lovely sunny Sunday! What do people do on days like this? They garden! So I just did loads of jobs: pruning, trimming, trowling. And this little outfit is what I did it in..


Only joking!! I spent most of today trying to get a new car battery and waiting for the AA..And crying over my bad hair day.

But I thought I’d do some fakeographs like when people take wierd posey pictures at their wedding. My friend Hen went to a wedding at a golf course once and they had to wait hours while the bride and groom went off for their photos and months later when they saw the prints, they were of them pretending to play golf and riding in a golf buggy. I think about that a lot.


Anyways what I’m wearing is a recent pair of maternity jeans shorts from Topshop which I got on Ebay. I don’t LOVE them.. They’re super comfy for walking around in but they don’t have an over the bump fit… Instead a normal waist band and panels that expand which means they dig in when I sit down..


The top is new from Forever 21 but it’s not maternity obvs because everything in there is aimed at teenagers. But it’s nice and loose and you can tie the belt over the bump. I love it.

Accessories are a gold coloured necklace from Boots (yeah I know!) and the shoes you’ve seen before. From Marksys. Get used to seeing them!

Catch you later (oh by the way did you notice? NO JERSEY)



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