Daily Style: I choo choo choooose you (Chooseday/Tuesday)

It’s Tuesday!!! I’m not normally bothered about Tuesdays, it’s a pretty meh day. But I couldn’t think of a title for today’s blog so I decided to celebrate the day and feature it heavily! I mean Tuesday’s child is fair of face right? Is it? I’m not sure.


Anyways! Today I wore a new maternity dress that I picked up on Asos but is actually from New Look. It was basically a bargain and I like it cos it’s comfy, cool and crazy (it’s not crazy but I thought I needed another word that began with c)! Also shows boob.


Paired it with my very day sandals and a statement necklace from Topshop. I get compliments every time I wear this necklace..Even from strangers! Which is always the sign of a good buy.


Today I also celebrated 19 weeks of pregnancy..19! I’m basically almost half way there. Woo! I also got told twice that I ‘look well’. Bye!


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