Daily Style: Black Magic

So I feel like I’m wearing a hell of a lot of black this summer..normally black is great cos it’s slimming but I don’t feel like this outfit accentuates my bump enough! Although I forgot my baby on board badge today and got offered a seat on the tube twice! So maybe I am a bona fide pregnant lady now. However, two people did also tell me they wouldn’t offer me a seat cos I could just be fat. So you win some you lose some.


This outfit is all stuff you’ve seen before..jersey skirt from asos.. Actually it’s the navy version that you’ve seen.. I cleverly bought it in two colours.. You can dress them up, dress them down.. Love them. The top is from Zara and won’t last long as I get bigger but it’s a flattering shape for now. The straps fall down a lot though.


Necklace is a Zara one and boots are from Topshop..I love these boots, they’re so comfy and versatile but last Christmas I walked through some mud on the way home from a work party and they’ve never been the same.

And there you have it! To be honest, I’m feeling like a heffalump at the mo and I hate my hair so this blog may feel lacking in energy. I’m also writing it at almost 11pm…ELEVEN PM!! this is way past my usual half nine bed time! I feel So risqué. I also had a small glass of wine today.. ROCK N ROLL!!


Right, good night. I’m off to throw a TV out of the window.


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