Weekend Style: Too Hot to Handle

Hi! I’ve named this post this because it’s actually really hot today and I’m boiling. But I love this dress cos it’s comfy, shows my bump really well, and it’s a bit 90’s. But I’ve been sweltering slightly.


The dress is from H&M from about 6 months ago and isn’t a maternity one but it’s jersey so stretches and grows with me. This is really a winter dress I suppose so hopefully I can wear it all the way through pregnancy.


I’ve worn it with Topshop flat boots that are slightly cowboy, slightly biker, very battered, VERY comfy, and look a bit 90’s too. Love 90’s!!


To go with the 90’s theme I’ve worn these cross earrings which were mine in the actual 90’s, and my fave Topshop necklace which might have been worn by me in the 90’s when I was obsessed with The Craft. But I couldn’t wear it then obvs cos it didn’t exist.


And to top it all off I got my hair cut at my mum’s local hairdressers so no more bad hair days!


Took the photo in front of my mum and dad’s front door cos they’re moving soon (boo boo), also I lived here ok the late 90’s so it sort of continues the theme.


Ok then, stay cool.

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