20 Week Scan and Lounge Wear Special

So today was my 20 Week Scan at Kings Hospital. It’s my third scan cos I had an extra 17 Week one and today I had two; a cardio one and a normal one. I won’t go into why but they wanted me to have extra monitoring cos Kings are super hot on learning and research and checking for extra things other hospitals don’t both with.

Anyways, everything is fine but it means me and Dan are both a bit of bored of scans right now..when we came out of the cardio one he said he’s so bored of scans now cos they’re a strange mix of stressful and dull.

If you’re pregnant and haven’t had your scans yet let me tell you that they take ages and they’re quite uncomfortable when they press down on the bladder. A couple of times I’ve had to stop the scan halfway to go to the loo..someone told me to drink water before hand so your bladder is full..DO NOT DO THIS.

Anyways, at Kings, all the people here are research fellows and they’re ALL young hot sexy thin pretty ladies who wear expensive clothes and designer glasses and they’re all Spanish or Italian. It’s so weird! Why are they ALL like that? There are men too though and they’re also Spanish or Italian and youngish and wear designed glasses.

I think probably all doctors wear designer glasses though and expensive shoes. They’ve got loads of wonga haven’t they?

The other day I was on the tube and I noticed this young sexy lady asleep and I thought oo she’s got nice probably LK Bennett shoes on and then I noticed she had an ID badge on and I looked and she was a doctor and I thought yes of course! If you’re gonna wear heels to work when you’re a doctor they have to be expensive otherwise they would hurt. You can’t rush about all day in 25 quid courts from marksys.

Well, I digress. Just so you know I would really like a pair of LK Bennett courts but they’re over a hundred quid so that’s that I’ll never have any. Will I? Probably not. You can’t buy 100 quid shoes when you have kids can you.

That’s a sobering thought.

I’ve digressed again. From my digression.

So back to the scans!
The other thing I’ve noticed about the sexy research fellows is that they talk in really low whispery voices to each other and I really can’t understand how they hear. Plus there’s always an extra third person in the room that they don’t introduce and who loiters.
Also, what you don’t see in the movies is that they take loads and loads of photos of the baby and measure black wobbly blobs in what looks like quite a Willy nilly way.
Well here’s a picture of little Mr Jiggly (that’s his temp name)


Now onto lounge wear.
I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to find comfy clothes to wear around the house. As soon as I get in I always get changed into “house clothes”..I’m assuming this is quite normal.

But my maternity shorts are NOT comfortable and all my leggings are too hot. But look what I found in the depths of my holiday clothes box! Harem pants!


I bought them about 2 years ago for a family holiday to Malta and I’ve worn them outside precisely two times. When I was thin they looked cool with chunky heels and a strapless top but now I look slightly house sized in them. But SO comfy and they’re massive! Will totally last til I’m big as a house and for my next holiday to Malta in October when I’ll be 7 months. I’ve been worried about this holiday cos I may be too big for most of my summer clothes but won’t want to buy more as summer will be over in the UK..well we’ll see.


In this last photo I was pretend reading a baby book for the shot but then the cat came for cuddles.

And there you have it!
Until next time…

Ps..thought this post was a bit light on pictures so here’s one of some juice and a selfie.




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