London Wear: From work to a night at the theatre!

So today’s outfit of the day had to get me through a day of changeable weather, work and on to a night on the town!


I wore..what a! I’m basically running low on clothes that are smart enough for work but still fit ..and that I can wear with flats. It’s a real challenge! The only flat shoes I have are black ankle boots, trainers and sandals. Couldn’t wear sandals yesterday cos of the buggering rain. Can’t wear trainers to work. Ankle boots it is! I’m basically having a shoe crisis. I read an article last week about shoes that are great for pregnant women. Apparently, absolute flats are a no no, as are heels. However, a 2 inch heel is perfect..the black leather Topshop boots I wear a lot are basically perfect. Those were the best investment I ever made. They’re great for both summer and winter and they’re super comfy AND they’re great for pregnant ladies! Best 70 quid I ever spent on a whim.


If you’re pregnant and don’t live in London you may not have the same issues as me but London life means lots of walking and standing so it’s so important to have a good range of comfy but stylish shoes.

So anyway, for this look I wore my trusty black jersey skirt from Asos that you’ve seen ten million times. I tucked in a black Zara top that I bought when I was in the early stages of trying to get preggo..which was about week long period cos I fell pregnant almost immediately. But yeah..I bought it cos it was very roomy and I thought oh this will be good for when I’m pregnant. And it is!


I wore black flat suede boots from Marks and Spencers. They’re super comfy and a bit different but i don’t wear them hardly enough.


I added my fave Topshop necklace,  Zara handbag and I was ready. I also had a really good hair day yesterday cos I recently found out that if I don’t wash it for three days= good hair.


For the evening portion I added matt finish red lippy (Kate moss for rimmel in Kiss of Life). Also, about halfway through the day my contact lens fell out and cos I’m super blind I had to put on my glasses so I looked intellectual for the play.


And what about the evening out I hear you ask?
Well, Dan and I met our good friends and newlywed couple Laura and James Dean for a drink (fizzy water and lime cordial for me, supplemented by 3 sips of Dan’s beer) and dinner. For dinner we went to Mishkins, this amazing AmericanJewish diner in Covent Garden. I tend to avoid Covent Garden like the plague cos it’s chain city and full of tourists, but if you’re going to theatreland there’s not much choice. But this place was great. It’s not kosher though if you’re Jewish! I had mac n cheese with salt beef and James Dean had a hot dog “dragged through the garden style”. Dan had a reubens sandwich which was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.

Then on to the Playhouse to see 1984..I’d recommend it, but our seats had restricted view which was annoying..and no interval..pregnant ladies need to urinate! Intervals needed! Also I haven’t read the book so I spent a lot of it confused. Read the book first.

I also couldn’t stop yawning and my eyes kept weeping cos they’re not used to having to much oxygen readily available (side effect of the glasses). Nights on the town are quite difficule for me. When we left I said what time is it? Thinking it felt like midnight. It was only half 9!

And there you have it!


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