Nautical But Nice

This weekend I got paid horray! Which means shopping time. Remember my shoe crisis? Well I’ve taken serious steps in resolving it. It may take some time to get there but we will; one STEP at a time.


Anyways I love my new brogues. They’re so comfy! And you can dress them up, dress them down..whatevs!

I got them on Asos for 25 quid which I think is a bargain.


Also picked up this new dress from’s not maternity but it is stretchy so should be fine with my bump for a while. I hope! I don’t mind if I stretch it out though cos I can just consider it a maternity dress and then when I have the baby and I’m a fat lump, I can put it in a box marked “clothes I may fit into again” for about 2 years and then give it away.

It was also only 25 quid though which I think is really good. The material is good quality and it’s got a zip which equals expensive looking.

I actually had to wear tights today cos it was basically winter and wearing them made me think I need some maternity tights cos they sat quite uncomfortably on my tummy.


I added a necklace from Boots and glasses cos I still have a gammy eye ..I put on some red lipstick to make myself feel less frumpy..when I did my hair this way I thought..yeah! Jaunty! But I actually look a bit like a Chicago style hot dog; dragged through the garden. Nevermind.


I’m actually 22 weeks preggo tomorrow and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I remember when I hadn’t even had my first scan yet and I saw someone on fb was 20 weeks and I thought wow they’re so cool! And it seemed so far I’m there and then some..and now aspiring to be 30 weeks like when I met Suzy..Remember her?

In other news..we bought a house! Well, we had an offer accepted on one..I’m obsessed with looking at kitchens online.


And there you have it!
Catch you later…ps do you think I need a catch phrase?


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