Brighton Rock and a Silver Backpack

So Dan and I went to Brighton for a day trip! Dan’s been checking the weather obsessively and yesterday was due to be the change we’d all been waiting for…Sun!


But obviously it gets a bit chilly on a the coast and it wasn’t going to be a scorcher so I attempted to dress appropriately.

This dress is a New Look one that was mine as a teenager in the ACTUAL 90’s! I found it in mum’s loft a few months ago and I love it. Added my Topshop denim jacket, my trusty Topshop boots and Monki sunnies. I wore minimal makeup and no jewellery cos you don’t want to look all dressed up when you’re mucking about at the seaside. I did add my new silver backpack from New Look. I love this bag! I’ve been getting so tired lugging about a heavy handbag so this should solve all my problems.


Cool huh?!

So off we went. We took all our camping gear in case the mood took us.


Had a lovely day knocking about..we googled “coolest place to get breakfast” on the way there and went to this amazing cafe on the seafront called “The New Club” …it was described as being quite “LA” and served coffee in glass tumblers and the staff looked like models and they served cocktails too. My kind of place! Although they didn’t seem to know what a cappuccino was. When it arrived I thought..oh they’ve made a mistake and brought me a foam! And I sent it back. But when they brought me a new one it was the same. Where’s the foam?! I don’t need your fancy milky patterns on top mate..I need foam!


Well, enough about that..I then spent the rest of the day freezing my nuts off and hoping to see an h&m so I could buy a wooly dress and some tights. Argh it was so cold.

We did see the bossy gay one off of gogglebox though!


But alas, I stuck it out..we finished the day with fish and chips and milkshakes in a weird cafe in Worthing and drove home..I totally misunderestimated how tiring the whole thing would be so camping was a no go.


And there you have it!
I’ll be honest, this weather is worrying me cos I don’t have any warm maternity gear and I’ve already spent my clothing allowance this month…tips? Do share!

Also, check out my pinterest board for maternity Larsville.


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