A Loveable Brogue

Today’s outfit comes with some action shots of me and my cat, Jamie Lannister. As you’ll see from the pics, she LOVES being cuddled.


I was quite hot in this outfit..and I mean sweltering. It’s basically such weird weather right now…I’m so afraid of being cold after my Brighton nightmare that I’m wrapping up and then sweating in the 20 degree heat. But anyways..I mentioned a few weeks ago that my tights had become super uncomfortable and that I needed some maternity tights…and guess what? I bought some. Yeah I know…pretty exciting stuff.


I bought some from Mark’s and Spencer’s…40 denier for £6…that’s quite expensive but I always buy good quality marksys tights cos they don’t ladder right away…OR SO I THOUGHT. Today I laddered mine before I even left the house cos I don’t have a good nail file. But I digress….I would highly reccomend maternity tights…Primark do them too if you’re on a budget but they don’t last as long…they’re so great though..they have this cool panel for the big tummy…I haven’t taken a picture cos that’s quite an unattractive sight isn’t it?


So anyway obviously I’m not wearing just a pair of opaques..I’ve also got on my Topshop hot pink pencil skirt which is growing with me soooo well…I’ve worn this skirt for you a few times and I think I’ve shown how versatile it is..dress up…casual weekend…work skirt. Defo worth the 20 quid.


I’ve also got on a Zara wrap top that is actually my mum’s…I’ve borrowed it for the duration of my maternity….it’s great but now that I’ve seen these pictures I’m slightly concerned about the level of cleavage I had on show at work. Oh well…when you’re preggo people just accept it don’t they?


Got on my new Asos brogues and New Look silver backpack to finish the look…these were both amazing payday buys and I’ve already got loads of wears out of them..and I’ve only had them a week!


Comfy shoes and an easy bag are recommendations from me to you and backpacks are bang on trend too if I don’t say so myself. There was an article on it in the guardian! So it must be true.


And finally..baby Mr Jiggly has been kicking! It’s so amazing…I’ve been waiting so long for this and I LOVE IT. I mainly feel it when I wake up in the morning and it’s such a lovely way to start the day.


I’m 23 weeks now and they say you can feel the baby from 17 weeks so it’s been a long old wait.

And that’s that!

Share your maternity wear tips too please!


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