I want I want I want (and other stories)

I started this blog to reflect the fact that as a pregnant woman, buying an entire new wardrobe just for the duration of your maternity is unrealistic and expensive..especially seeing as when the baby actually comes, income goes down and expenses go up. However…as a confessed fashion and shopping addict I’m struggling. Every month I give myself a small (ish…Dan would argue it’s not small at all) budget for clothes etc. This goes in a flash the day after payday and then I spend the rest of the month dreaming of all the other things I wish I could have.

This transitioning weather isn’t helping either. I bought two maternity dresses this summer which haven’t had much run (thank you August, my changeable and unpredictable frenemy). And you really can’t wear maxi dresses with boots and a coat in autumn/winter.

So at the moment my list of wants is topped by black skinny jeans. I feel as though if I had a pair of these my quality of life would go up 100%. That’s the extent of my desperado-ness.

I really like these from Asos.


I love asos cos I can get free next day delivery to my local shop which means not having to trek to the local delivery office on a Saturday morning cos your parcel was delivered while at work.

I also like these ripped ones but I think you have to be tall and thin to pull them off…so you look like a starving punk and not an overfed homeless person. Can’t dress them up either which is the point of skinny jeans.


I don’t think the price is that bad but more than I can afford right now..so I’ll try primark first as I’ve heard they do good non-baggy skinnies.

Next up is a blanket scarf…this is basically a big scarf that looks like you’ve draped a blanket around you. I’ve wanted one of these since Spring as it’s a great transitional weather piece when a jacket isn’t enough and a coat is too much. I’ve had my eye on Zara cos they’ve done good ones every year but at the moment they don’t have colours I like. Then I found this one on Asos (They don’t pay me by the way).


I sent it to my mum to show her I liked it and she rocked up on Saturday with a very similar one from the depths of her wardrobe. It’s mine now. Here I am wearing it on Saturday with a slim fitting dress and boots. But imagine how cool it’ll look with my new skinny black jeans!


My next wants are more related to beauty and relaxation…as a pregnant woman you have to take care of yourself! That’s what everyone says. It’s medical.

So I’d like a massage..I’m sleeping very uncomfortably..all squished up and tossy turny. And my lower back is agony. But I can’t just have a normal massage cos I can’t lie on my front. I suppose they would need a special table with a hole in it where my tummy is. Does this exist?

Also would like a manicure and pedicure. So I feel glam.

Also need a facial.

So if anyone has any home remedy tips for deep cleaning facials and salon finish nails please send them my way! Cos I’m not a bloody millionaire!

Some beauty tips of my own!

My friend Jane did pass along a few tips for the face…run olive oil into your face…then get a flannel hot under the hot tap and place over your face for 20 seconds. This draws out all the dirt and opens your pores. Then use the flannel to get off all the oil..then mix some nutmeg and milk together and use to scrub face. Don’t scrub too hard cos the nutmeg is already abrasive. Just gently rub. Wash off. Your face will now be very clean and the nutmeg works on blackheads after the pores have all opened. You also won’t need any moisturiser after this.

Give it a try I love it! Give it a Google too it’s not crackpot..it’s callled the oil cleansing method.

I also yesterday gave my hands and feet a 1 minute scrub using my l’occitane hand scrub given to me by my brothers-in-law Steven and Joe. I love this stuff. Make sure you scrub on the nails too to help with cuticles. Then I used hand cream on both hands and feet..and nail cream too. If you don’t have this stuff..a manicurist reccomended soaking nails in olive oil once a week..good old olive oil eh??

Then I used a nail buffer on all nails and filed and shaped. It’s not too much bother if you do it while watching “for a few dollars more” as I did…because the film was quite boring and not much talking. We watched it as part of our “let’s watch the 100 greatest films ever” from imdb. I didn’t really like the film but I’m defo channeling Clint Eastwood with my new blanket scarf!

Ok bye!



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