I’m Breezy!

“No! You can’t SAY you’re breezy! That totally negates the breezy!”

Just a little vintage friends quote for you there.
If you name the episode you win a prize.

Anyway this post is about yoga..In my last post I mentioned that I was desperate for a massage because of my sore back..well it’s been getting worse all week. I’m 24 weeks pregnant now and this apparently is meant to be the dream time of pregnancy; Bump is noticeable but not so big you can’t get out of chairs, you have an energy burst, shiny hair etc.

Well my hair isn’t that shiny and I do have more energy but I can’t stand for more than 1 minute and all chairs are uncomfortable.

I’ve been researching maternity massages. Apparently they don’t have a hole in the table but some give you fancy bean bags to lie on or just get you to lie on your side. And they’re all about 1 million pounds. Or 65 quid plus. I’m on a budget people!

So I’ve been researching alternative methods. My friend Lisa has given me this blow up ball to sit on but I’m not sure I’m doing it right..it’s fun though! Here I am watching House of Cards on it.


A man in the office came over to me when I was walking about rubbing my back and said his wife had a “thing filled with corn you put in the microwave” …so I’ll Google that. Sounds great!

There were lots of other recommendations (swimming walking, acupuncture) but one that stood out was maternity yoga. It’s meant to be so good for toning and strengthening plus burning cals AND breathing to help you in labour. Woo! Beneficial. And best of all the stretches help you when you’re tired and have aching muscles like.see where I’m going with this..yes an aching back..like mine!

So I found one in my area (ish) called Radiant Yoga…it’s in Beckenham in a playschool hall run by a lovely lady called Jane..I bloody loved it…

I’ve barely done any yoga before..maybe 3 classes ever..and didn’t really like it. The last time I went the room was under a squash court and was the most unrelaxing awful thing I’ve ever done. But anyways I turned up in harem pants to look the part and before the class started everyone was chatting to each other sharing our due dates and weird body things. I told them about my numb leg. We all confessed to never remembering to do pelvic floor exercises. It was lovely! Maybe we’ll stay in touch who knows..the more local people having babies you know the better..Or so I’ve been told. Dan isn’t keen on us doing NCT (I Googled “to nct or not to nct” yesterday) so I’m not sure if we’ll end up doing it therefore any other networks I can form are a must!

Anyways the yoga itself was really wonderful, so relaxing and my back feels noticeably better already…I’ve signed up for 6 more classes but plan to continue if I can for as long as possible. I even did some of the poses at home this morning!

In other news I had a scan today and Mr jiggly is doing very well. He weighs 1lb 9oz! Sometimes babies are born that big and I read that if he was born prematurely, he could survive…whoop!

Here are some pictures of me doing yoga badly.





And here’s one of me eating two desserts.


Catch you later….

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