A long awaited delivery

No I haven’t had the baby yet guys! I’m referring to my dress!

Today’s outfit is based around a dress I bought on my H&M app about two weeks ago which finally came yesterday. I would very much NOT recommend using H&M online..the delivery was £4..it took four days to dispatch and another 8 to get delivered. The customer service is good though..I got the delivery charge back and 10% off..but the whole experience would have been a lot easier if I’d just gone into the H&M two minutes from my office.


But hey ho! It’s here now. I really like it cos it’s stretchy…it’s not maternity..just a normal dress but I got it a size bigger. And I love grey..love love love. I’ve worn it here with Mark’s and Spencer’s maternity tights, ancient green converse, a long gold and black beaded necklace from I’m not sure where, and a chunky gold charm bracelet that is actually my mum’s but I pleaded with her to let me borrow for a bit cos it’s super on trend.


I’m going to have to stop wearing it to work though cos it really clanks about on my keyboard when I’m typing and people have made comments….


I finished the look off with messy hair and a smoky eye and off I went to my friend’s birthday in a local pub. Then I boiled up in a sweaty mess cos it was actually very warm yesterday and the pub had no fans. Such is the bloody ridiculousness of an English September.

And that’s it!
See you later.

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