Relaxi Taxi (Relaxi-cab)

Sorry for two things. Sorry for no posts for a week (eek!). And sorry for another Friends quote. Actually I’m not because if you know me you know I love Friends seasons 1-4. Only seasons 1-4 though. At a push, season 5.


But enough of that..I chose the quote to highlight that this post is about relaxing! Or at least clothes to relax in when you’re 25 weeks pregnant.


Today’s outfit starts with my H&M maternity jeans which I really like. They have an over the bump comfy band and the Jean bit just sits under the pull them on like leggings. Great! But actually it is quite hard to bend down in them and Dan had to put my shoes and socks on for me.

Also wearing a stretchy top from Primark that my mum picked up for’s so comfy! I have it in black and white too and they’re really versatile..hang out wearing them with leggings..jeans..and with skirts for work! And only £4 quid each! They’re not maternity, just super stretchy. They won’t last forever but who cares?


Also got on my fave Converse..I love converse. Love love love. Always have. And I’ve had these since 2005. That’s why they’re so battered but I think that’s part of their charm. I probably do need a new pair though.


I also picked up some pyjamas from primark and they’re super comfy too so here’s a pic of me “lounging”.


In other news..I saw the midwife this week and she touched my bump and said “well he’s going to be a big one!”.



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