Flowers in the Attic

No don’t worry there’s no creepy tale of attic incest here! I just thought, oh my top is flowery…Flowers in the attic! That’s how my brain works..nice and simple.

Anyways here’s an outfit of the day for you at 26 weeks pregnant! Time is really marching on at the mo, it’s great. The first 12 weeks of pregnancy DRAGGED…but now we’re cooking on gas.

This is a bit of a cheat’s outfit of the day cos I didn’t actually wear this to work. I had on the skirt and trainers but with a grey tee shirt. But I melted. I just melted. And when I got in I put on this cami top to cool myself off…so I suppose the theme of this outfit is…evening cool?


I’m still getting away with wearing a lot of non maternity gear…this skirt is from Primark last summer…it was dead cheap and I just wear it high over the bump…drawback is I don’t look super pregnant. Which is key! The trainers you’ve seen before…trusty, dirty old converse…I should really stick those in the washer…and the cami top is from New Look last summer. I love this top…I’m wearing it with a bra underneath though, hence the black straps…but when pregnant you just have to go with it.

And that’s it! No accessories cos I’m too hot. Heatwave! Did I mention I’m hot? I’m boiling.


And that’s that!
Outside of being a pregnant lady, I read atonement this week and now reading Sweet Tooth…both by Ian McEwen….I’d recommend both! Read them!


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