The Saga of the Skinny Jeans

What? Two blogs in two days? What is this madness? Well…remember how I wanted some black skinny jeans and my life would be better when I got them? Well I got some! It’s been a roller coaster journey but I made it. Phew. I haven’t been blogging much cos I basically ran out of good outfits to show you…but here we are at last! I feel complete.


I have been trying to find a good pair for weeks, all the ones I liked on Asos were sold out in my size, I finally bought a pair and when they came they looked RANK. Hours spent browsing online, hope turning to despair.

I found a pair on H&M…but their delivery policy promised delivery in FIFTEEN DAYS PLUS 4 QUID POSTAGE. Plus I had already complained about their delivery policy and promised them that I would NEVER SHOP WITH THEM AGAIN. So I couldn’t go crawling back now.


Then…on Thursday, after a day spent facilitating a workshop in a hot sauna, I popped into H&M “just on the off chance” and there, in the maternity section were the beloved and much ogled black “treggings”…Which I’m assuming is trousers and leggings…when in actual fact they are jeans and leggings and should be called jeggings. Or jeans. Whatevs.


You must have all been on the edge of your seats there..I know my heart was racing just reliving it.

But on to the outfit!

Today I’m meeting my friend Lucie for brunch. I love fucking love brunch. So much. Dan and I spent 3 weeks in America last year and we went out for brunch EVERY DAY. Woo brunch! I basically hate English cooked breakfast…I like it when you’re served something weird in the morning like a chicken and avocado egg scrambler, with fries and a bagel and a pint of coffee.


Anyways…later on after that I’m meeting friends for an early curry and a film so I needed an outfit which would be comfy but a bit cool. Also cool literally cos it’s cloudy with a chance of meatballs today but it’s still humid.

So I’ve got on my JEGGINGS from H&M, a grey t shirt from Topshop, pre-maternity, converse trainers and a chunky necklace from Zara.


And there you have it!

Off I go…btw I’m on a train right now and a posh girl is on the phone behind me telling a very indignant and angry story about someone she was talking to last night who is racist…”THAT’S RACIST ISNT IT..ISNT IT DISGUSTING….RACIST RIGHT?”


It’s making me laugh

Ok bye!

Ps I look like I’m standing weird in the pictures cos I didn’t think the t shirt made me look pregnant enough and I was sticking my bump out.


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