I’m dreaming of a stripey t shirt.

Today’s outfit came to me in a dream. Last week was difficult for me, dressing for the weather-wise. I was bloody boiling almost every day..wearing autumnal (one of my fave words) outfits cos it was so cold and dark when I got dressed..not today!


This outfit is so comfy…it isn’t that smart for work but I’m pretty lucky in that I can dress quite casually..now that I’m getting bigger and bigger as well, I’ve made it quite clear that my colleagues need to appreciate that I’ll wear what fits and won’t make me hot..I can’t be worrying about being smart too..


So I’ve got on a maxi dress that I got in H&M about 3 years ago..maybe even 4! I picked it up one day when I didn’t like my outfit..it was only 12 quid..I bought a large which was always too big and meant I had to wear it with a belt, slightly gathered. Now that I’m really large around the middle, it fits really well! Plus the bra I bought for my ever expanding boobs, from Victoria’s Secret, has a cross back. The dress has a racer back so fits all together perfectly.


Over the top of the dress (couldn’t wear it just as is, cos it’s very booby..but you’ll see more of it when I go on holiday to Malta in a few weeks) is a Topshop nautical t-shirt which I’ve had a while. I’ve added a belt from Topshop (also old) and brown Chelsea boots from Topshop last winter. They’re soooo comfortable and versatile..in my dream, I knew they would go with this outfit but I had to get my mum to hem my dress to ankle length first. It was full length before and I wish I’d done this years ago….looks much better.


Top tip huh? Buy ill fitting clothes and one day many years later they may fit perfectly!

And there you have it.

Here’s a picture of me pretending to look at a map.



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