Casual Friday!

I actually hate the concept of casual Friday. Either your job is the sort which means you can dress casually or it isn’t.  But I did happen to wear jeans today so I suppose I’m just another denim clad hamster on the corporate wheel. I do dress quite scruffily a lot of the time though.


Anyway, this outfit is inspired by some pictures of pregnant people I liked on Pinterest. On Pinterest all the pictures of pregnant style involve blazers and knee high boots with jodhpurs or leggings or skinny jeans.


I’ve got the blazer and the skinnies but didn’t think boots would look very it’s absolutely boiling every day from about 10am to 6pm…outside of those times it’s freezing and foggy. It’s my yearly autumnal nightmare! Woo! I’m dreaming of crisp frosty weather.


So..I’m wearing black skinny “treggings” from H&M, a black top from Zara, stolen from mum (this top is now too short to wear, I realised this today, due to the bump), a navy tweed blazer from Zara, necklace from Zara and brogues from Asos.

Also got a manicure last week and a new cute heart ring from Accessorize.



I’m not sure I missed a career in hand modelling eh?

And that’s that!
In other news, the yoga has totally cured my bad back. Well, that’s an exaggeration. I’m still a bit hobbly and uncomfortable but I’m not writhing in agony all night and I have stopped taking paracetamol! It’s a yogamiracle.


I also made a few friends at yoga..we swapped names and are going to go for a walk when the babies come. That’s the kind of shit you do when you get a baby innit? Go for a walk with your yoga buddy.

Ok ciao for now!


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