Iiiiiiiikea that’s good.

Another friends quote!
You know it?

Yesterday we went to Ikea even though I had an actual nightmare about Ikea only this week where they’d added 4 floors and to get to the bedding section and you had to leave the store and cross the road. I mean it’s not the most hellish nightmare I’ve ever had but it was very frustrating.


Well who says dreams can’t come true?

Off we went to invest in good pillows. That’s what you do when you’re a proper grown up. You buy pillows. It’s not good enough to have the ones you picked up from your mum’s house over the years. I recently realised I’ve never bought a pillow in my life, yet we have loads of them! And they’re all flat and old.


Well that’s probably enough about pillows.

My outfit for this little trip was my skinnies from H&M (I told you if I had some new black skinnies they would transform my life) and my stretchy stripey top from Primark which you’ve seen before. I added knee high boots which I got years ago in Dune. At the time they were an extravagant birthday AND Christmas present from my mum..but they’re still knocking about 6 years later so who’s laughing now?

I also wore this cool reversible blanket scarf my mum got me in Primark. I was really too hot to wear it though.


I accessorised with a rope necklace from Accessorize and my chunky charm bracelet. And a glass of wine.

And that’s it!

After Ikea I made my own pizzas!
Here’s a photo.


Best pizza I ever ate.

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