Designer Girl!

Right…I’m 32 weeks pregnant…ARGH!!! It’s so exciting to feel like I’m only 6 weeks away from being full term (normal time to give labour is between 38 and 42 weeks and your due date is slap bang in the middle)…but also a bit scary…in a good way.


We still don’t know when our new house will complete and if we’ll be in in time for Mr Jiggly’s arrival…and at the moment I just want to get ready for him. To give myself a bit of control, I waxed 40 quid in Boots yesterday on bits for my hospital bag…woo!


Anyways…I’ve got 3 and a half weeks left of work and I’m struggling style wise! Yesterday my outfit was so rank every time I looked in the mirror I felt queasy. It’s this bloody hot weather! I’m sorry to all you who feel the cold…but when is winter starting? WHEN? I need it. It’s effing 18 degrees today. What am I supposed to wear? Sandals and a summer dress? I ended up wearing tights and brogues with a summer top. Urgh.

Today I feel super comfy though in a simple outfit of skinny jeans from H&M…yes you’re right..I DO wear these every day…plus an Isabella Oliver maternity too..WHAT? I hear you ask…those cost a bloody fortune! Yes they do, but a friend gave it to me for free! Woo! It’s got special support for boobs and it’s long so shows off the bump really well. No doubting I’m preggo in this.


I’ve teamed the skinnies with brogues from ASOS and rolled the bottom of the jeans up slightly to show a “sliver”..I’ve been reading all week about how the sliver is in…that’s a sliver of ankle. So this is my nod to contemporary fashion. I’ve also got on a Zara necklace, Casio gold digital watch and gold Topshop earrings.

I haven’t worn a jacket cos it’s meant to be boil city today. I’ll probably get cold.


Ok that’s it!
Have a great Tuesday!
XOXO…GOSSIP GIRL…(No not really it’s just me not gossip girl!)


Casual Wear and Some Horrific Graphic Toys

So today’s outfit of the day was for a casual Saturday of museum visting and pub lunching.


I’m wearing H&M maternity treggings, a grey Topshop non maternity t-shirt, Zara necklace, Zara parka and red converse. I love this coat and it’s leather sleeves…well not real leather but you know…the converse are basically for the bin. But converse these days cost 47 quid!! Can you believe it? I’ve had these ones since 2005 when they cost 30 quid…that’s quite a mark up. Is it? I’m no economist. Obvs.


In other news, Dan and I started our ante natal classes this week…Right..any expectant parents who aren’t sure whether to fork out for NCT or hold out for NHS classes: if you’re having your baby at Kings, don’t bother with NCT…you’ll save yourself £300 and you still get 5 classes, in Dulwich, and they do the contact sharing thing so you still get your network of new mums. Brills!


The first class consisted of detailed descriptions of all stages of Labour….bit of an eye opener..with models of the cervix at the different stages of dilation….I giggled nervously when holding that…..basically gets massive….and a toy of a placenta to show us what else we have to push out after the baby! Woo.


I felt simultaneously horrified and excited. I now also understand what Braxton Hicks contractions are and that I’m having them all bloody day..I love them…I don’t know why. It just feels really like I’m pregnant and nature is doing what it’s meant to!


It’s a bit early to pack my hospital bag but I’m making lists of things I need and that’s super exciting too. If only our bloody house would go through so we can move and I can sort out all the baby stuff. I’m feeling quite impatient and minorly stressed about it. But have to keep telling myself to chill, take life as it comes (not my default setting).


And that’s that!

Ps..The weather is pissing me off…it’s so hot and I want to wrap up. It’s going to be 18 degrees on Monday ffs.


Holiday Style! Last day….

The holiday is over! It’s been one of those where I’ve just done almost nothing which has made it go super fast. Now I’m home watching my tummy jump from Mr Jiggly kicking me..That’s Enterntainment!

I also have post holiday blues I pregnancy app (Emma’s Diary which I really like) says I’ll be a bit up and down at the mo and it was right. It also said I should eat more iron, fibre and calcium…I’ve been drinking milk like a crazy person and bought a bag of spinach I need to incorporate into my lunch. I actually love spinach though so the joke’s on them.

But back to holiday style!


The last day of holiday was my brother’s birthday which meant a trip to his fave Maltese restaurant. I’m not that keen on it cos I think it’s a bit like the pizza/pasta equivalent of TGI Friday..I told Dan this and he said “oh yeah your brother said you were a real snob about this place”. Oh. I’m not very good at masking my opinions it would seem.

Turned out the joke was on me though cos I had an amazing bowl of pasta…nothing refined but cheesy and AMAZING. Unfortunately I’d forgotten how ridiculously large Maltese pasta portions are…I ordered the “main” size instead of “starter” size and it was about double the size of a portion I would normally make myself. Which normally would be great but I’m 7 months pregnant and there’s no room in there! I ate so much I almost died and I left half of it!


So what to wear for the stuffing of a lifetime?

I wore a New Look maternity dress which I initially bought for work but it’s actually way too booby for that…added my Accessorize necklace that I wear a lot at the moment, Marksys red wedges (it was a mistake to wear these as my feet got super swollen) and hey presto!

In these pictures I’m posing with my cousin Sarah who looks a bit like my dopelganger here (but younger and much narrower) and my niece Jessica who’s sporting a lovely headband…


And that’s that…holiday done..

Ps in these photos you wouldn’t know I was pregnant at all but I promise I am!

Catch you later!

Holiday Style! Days Three and Four

Well I do apologise but yesterday I uploaded a blog with no content! Holiday know how it is. Well it’s lost forever now. I’m sure you’re very disappointed.


Anyway must soldier on.

So the main highlight of day three was my maternity massage in the hotel spa! Wow it was amazing…I came out soooo I blissed out. I just wanted to float away…but they made me sit down and pay and then they tried to sell me shit….not ok! Then when I went back to my hotel room I had to spend 5 minutes banging on the door before someone heard me. But apart from that…blissed out. I wish I had a photo of me with my oily hair all over the shop and a goofy grin. My hair was oily from the massage oil by the way, not cos I hadn’t washed it.


Anyway..calling all preggo people! Get a maternity massage. It’s amazing. Not great for sorting out back pain though…but for relaxation and pampering…brills.


For poolside lounging I switched bikinis (no more enormous pants!)..borrowing a bikini top from my mum cos mine’s become a bit tight on the bust. Not sure where it’s from really..and then as a cover up I had on this white thing from Primark. It’s size 22! You know how weird Primark is.


Then on day four, Dan and I went out for a night on the town! It started at 5pm and we were in bed by 9.30…my kind of night!


I wore an Asos dress…not maternity, just a size bigger….Aztec! With an Accessorize necklace and green Converse.


And there you have it…the holiday is rapidly coming to an end…! But I’ve picked up a bit of a tan and my bump has grown this week I’m sure of it. And I’m starting to get that weird line from the naval to the crotch….woo!


This last photo is me outside Dick’s Bar…an old watering hole of my dad’s when he was stationed here in the 70’s, wooing my mother.

Catch you later…..

Holiday Style!! Day Two..Tropical Chic

Second day of holiday was a bit busier. We went down to the beach to meet about a million of my cousins which was lovely cos there were 4 of us all sitting there in various stages of pregnancy… at 29 weeks, one at 38, one at 6 and one at 11….I got to actually impart pregnancy wisdom to other pregnant people! I didn’t have much to share really and they knew more than me…apparently I shouldn’t really be eating sugar. Oops.

For the beach I wore my freya/marksys bikini combo with a beach dress from Primark which I got for Coachella last year…it was way too big when I got it and I wore it with a it fits perfectly!! Very club Tropicana.



Also featured today is…….Dan! He was looking pretty tropical himself for a beach chic look so here he is in an Urban Outfitters top and yellow swimming shorts.


Then in the evening we went to a family party so I got to glam up a bit..


I wore this dress from New Look which isn’t maternity, I just got it a size bigger…white sandals from Zara and necklace from Zara….tropical!


Hair monster!!

Holiday Style! Day One

I’m on holiday!!!


Dan and I have ‘jetted off’ to Malta for a week with my family. My mum is Maltese and has a timeshare out here in a hotel…we tease her that it was a total con but we’re getting a free holiday in a fancy apartment in a fancy hotel by the beach in 26 degree weather so maybe it wasn’t such a con after all?

Anyways we’re here and it’s so lovely to  have a week where all I have to do is eat, relax, read and sleep.


Day one was a pretty easy one. We got up after 11 hours sleep (thank god cos I’ve been sleeping really badly at home) and went down to the pool where we swam and sunbathed. Then lunch of traditional Maltese Ftira (essentially a sandwich) and then more pool time. In the evening we played a spot of table tennis and despite me not knowing the rules, I won!

Then dinner and bed. Amazing.

So what to wear for such a day?

Well, it was bikini and khaftan all day.
I wore factor 25 sun cream on my body and Clinique City Block in factor 40 on by face (I always wear this all summer).


The khaftan is my mum’s..I stole it a few years ago. I have no idea where it’s from but probably TKMaxx coz she lives in there. The bikini top is Freya and the bottoms are Marksys.

I bought the bottoms for my honeymoon cos we went to Coachella and I heard that it’s too hot for clothes out there and you end up wearing just bikini…I thought hmmm if that’s the case I’m going to need some very large bottoms…I’m not bopping about in tiny stringy things. It paid off but once Dan saw me in them and went “oh no it’s the return of the big knickers!!!”.


The bikini top I bought in early pregnancy cos my old one didn’t fit after about 8 weeks….my boobs just went…ping! One size bigger.


I would really recommend Freya bikinis, or shopping on figleaves for swimwear if you have bigger boobs normally and especially when preggo.

I’ve also got on a pineapple patterned “turban” headband from Asos and sunglasses from

And there you have it!
Right I’m off to drink some banana juice I bought yesterday. (Yeah I know weird right?)


A brunch, pampering and an evening celebrity hob nobbing

So I recently had a wonderful Saturday, perfect for a 29 weeks pregnant lady.

I met some friends for brunch in Crystal Palace at Domali, a vegetarian cafe. I had a Welsh rarebit! It was delish!

After that I got a pedicure…Dan thought I could use some pampering so I went to the Vietnamese nail place near my house. I got a pedicure and shellac for my foot fingers, as my mum likes to call toes. It was the best decision I ever made in my life ever. It was so relaxing, I walked home in a daze, into my room and went straight to sleep.

It was so great for so many reasons..firstly they sat me in this mega comfy huge chair which massaged my back, shoulders and head the whole time. Exactly what I needed..I mean obvs it’s better to have a proper massage but the chair! The chair!!! I loved that chair. It did make me think of Terminator though and how the machines took over.


Anyways..aside from the chair…the bloke doing my pedicure also shaved off the dead skin on my feet with a razor blade/cheese grater thing.

So after my post pedicure nap, Dan and I headed to Shepherd’s Bush for a play…it was brilliant. It’s at the Bush theatre and the play is called Albion. Go and see it!


Me stroking my bump while reading

It’s set in a kareoke pub in east London run by right wing extremists. Fun huh?! Each scene is a different kareoke classic and it’s got Michael Moon in it from Eastenders (or Joe from This Life depending on your taste). And it’s got Natalie Casey in it from 2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. Who was amazing.

Well that’s my intellectual, sophisticated review.

And cos one of the friends I was with knows Natalie Casey and one of them knows the playwright, I felt like a VIP. And Natalie Casey told me she liked my necklace!

And there you have it.

I actually did something for once on a weekend.

In the photos I’m wearing a parka from Zara, brown Topshop boots, H&M black maternity skinnies and a Topshop necklace.

What’s in my makeup bag?


I went on someone’s beauty blog today and they had a regular feature called “What’s in my makeup bag?”..and I’ve literally just stolen it. No amendments.
Well, I didn’t actually read any of the posts cos she didn’t look like someone who’s beauty tips I would take…very TOWIE…but I’ve stolen the concept.

So I’m basically going to talk you through my beauty and makeup. Who knows if you’ll find this interesting, but my best friend’s sisters always seem very keen on my makeup when same best friend got married this year, I was her makeup artist. We went to the Bobbi Brown counter in John Lewis, she had a makeover and I watched, writing down everything the makeup lady said. I’ve never been so pleased with the results of something I created..and when I say something I created, I of course mean, her face.

Moving on…I’ll start with skin care…


So, this is really a recent pregnancy thing..every day after my shower, I massage Bio Oil into my bump and boobs…the NHS website says that oils and creams cannot be linked to preventing stretch marks…that you’ll get them if you get them and they might or might not disappear and there’s nothing you can do about it. But you know, I tend to pick and choose when I believe in science, so I do it anyways.
Then moisturise all over in Dove moisturiser cos being pregnant just means you want to have lovely soft skin, even if putting it on does make me get out of breath.

Then I moisturise my face in light Simple moisturiser..I recently read an article which said don’t spend loads of money on moisturiser cos as long as it hydrates and suits your skin type, you’re golden. I didn’t spend a lot on moisturiser anyway but it’s nice to have validation. I then add Simple Radiance cream which acts as a serum. Sali Hughes in the guardian marked it as a star product and I basically do whatever she tells me.


Next up is base. I use Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat foundation…I love this foundation so much. It’s quite light but you can build it up so it acts as a sort of tinted moisturiser for every day when I just use one pump, and when I go out I use two pumps! I never go out these days so it lasts ages! Then I use Mac concealer under eyes and around the nose. This stuff is amazing and I highly reccommend it for good coverage. I also use Touche Eclat highlighter under eyes on special occasions.
Then we have a dusting of No 7 pressed powder to take away shine, and No 7 bronzer on cheeks, forehead and nose. Not a lot. and you apply it by making sweeping motions with a big brush in the shape of a number 3 on each side of your face. the trick is to use it when the sun would hit your face. I learned that from the Bobbi Brown lady.

Then I use this coral coloured cream blush from No 7 on cheeks. It’s a lovely colour and I like creamy blush cos it makes your skin look dewy.


Next, eyes.
I use this Collection 2000 eyebrow kit. It was like three quid and I’ve broken the lid off but it does the job. I apply with an angled eyebrow brush to fill in my almost invisible blondy eyebrows.
I always wear black eyeliner…for most days just this Rimmel Kohl pencil smudged on the top of eyelashes with a sweep of black eyeshadow under the eye to look very subtly smokey. For going out I’ll usually go bigger with this Clinique gel liner, using an eyeliner brush. It’s quite rare that I’ll stray from this formula!


Now we have lips.
I don’t tend to wear lipstick to work, just use some Vaseline Rosy lips. But on the weekends I do love a red lip. I have about 50 million red lipsticks and my fave of all time is Mac Ruby Woo, an amazing matt finish and bluey red colour which I’ve been told makes your teeth look whiter. Unfortunately I lost it last year and instead of spending the 15 quid on a new one, I’ve probably spent that on cheaper ones. Nevermind. But these are my faves that I do have…Kate Moss for Rimmel in red, both normal and matt…Kick Pleat Red from & Other Stories which is a bit orangey…don’t use it on cheeks as well though as it makes you look like a crazy doll. And finally Bourgois Rouge Edition Velvet which goes on like a gloss and stays on for AGES. I love it. The trick is to apply, blot, apply. Do this 3 times with any red lippy. and moisturise lips first of course.

And that’s it!

What are your star makeup bad items or pregnancy beauty solutions?

Mrs Dalloway-style rambling.

I’m in a bit of a wardrobe predicament. The predicament is three-fold.

The fashion pages are full of autumnal spreads yet it’s basically sweltering outside every day. Yet frosty in the morning. I hate it! I’m sorry cos I’ve gone on about the weather quite a bit. But it does plague me.

That’s one.

The next is that I had to have some black skinny jeans. Remember? I had to have them and when I got them I would be happy. Then I got them. Now I don’t seem to have ANY clothes but those. Every day..what shall I wear? Black skinny jeans? Ok!

It’s making it very hard to show you my outfits of the day. That’s the problem with being a normal person who’s also pregnant. What am I supposed to do? Have a new outfit every day?

You’re probably saying…err..just get on with it Lara, it’s a challenge! Creating new looks out of old clothes is the whole point!

I’ll see what I can rustle up later.

Anyways that’s two problems.

The next is that next week I’m going on a family holiday to Malta. We’ve got an apartment out there in a nice hotel and I plan on doing NOTHING. Apart from read, sleep, eat pastizzi (Maltese pastry filed with ricotta) and sunbathe.

But what to wear?!

I tried on my maternity shorts and they’re super tight! Which goes to show..don’t get under the bump denim… won’t be able to stretch with you.

I don’t have any going out in the evening clothes. I can’t wear heels. How will I swish about like a glam sexy pregnant lady? I’m not wearing my Clark’s sandals for evening soirees!

I’m in despair!

Well I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I just bought 2 dresses on ASOS in the sales (buy summer clothes now!!!) and I have some khaftans I can wear with glamorous head gear to try and emulate Elizabeth Taylor by the pool.

And I doubt I’ll be doing much evening swishing cos I go to bed at 9pm. GLAMOROUS!

That’s the end of my musings….

In other news….if I had this leather jacket from Zara, my life would be better…


And should I get my hair cut like this?


Or this?


Or grow it to look like this?