Mrs Dalloway-style rambling.

I’m in a bit of a wardrobe predicament. The predicament is three-fold.

The fashion pages are full of autumnal spreads yet it’s basically sweltering outside every day. Yet frosty in the morning. I hate it! I’m sorry cos I’ve gone on about the weather quite a bit. But it does plague me.

That’s one.

The next is that I had to have some black skinny jeans. Remember? I had to have them and when I got them I would be happy. Then I got them. Now I don’t seem to have ANY clothes but those. Every day..what shall I wear? Black skinny jeans? Ok!

It’s making it very hard to show you my outfits of the day. That’s the problem with being a normal person who’s also pregnant. What am I supposed to do? Have a new outfit every day?

You’re probably saying…err..just get on with it Lara, it’s a challenge! Creating new looks out of old clothes is the whole point!

I’ll see what I can rustle up later.

Anyways that’s two problems.

The next is that next week I’m going on a family holiday to Malta. We’ve got an apartment out there in a nice hotel and I plan on doing NOTHING. Apart from read, sleep, eat pastizzi (Maltese pastry filed with ricotta) and sunbathe.

But what to wear?!

I tried on my maternity shorts and they’re super tight! Which goes to show..don’t get under the bump denim… won’t be able to stretch with you.

I don’t have any going out in the evening clothes. I can’t wear heels. How will I swish about like a glam sexy pregnant lady? I’m not wearing my Clark’s sandals for evening soirees!

I’m in despair!

Well I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I just bought 2 dresses on ASOS in the sales (buy summer clothes now!!!) and I have some khaftans I can wear with glamorous head gear to try and emulate Elizabeth Taylor by the pool.

And I doubt I’ll be doing much evening swishing cos I go to bed at 9pm. GLAMOROUS!

That’s the end of my musings….

In other news….if I had this leather jacket from Zara, my life would be better…


And should I get my hair cut like this?


Or this?


Or grow it to look like this?



2 thoughts on “Mrs Dalloway-style rambling.

  1. loststylemummyfound says:

    Sorry to laugh at your struggle but it’s like I’m reading my own life play out in front of me. I feel your pain sister, the struggle is real! PS buy the leather, it’s beautiful 😉


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