What’s in my makeup bag?


I went on someone’s beauty blog today and they had a regular feature called “What’s in my makeup bag?”..and I’ve literally just stolen it. No amendments.
Well, I didn’t actually read any of the posts cos she didn’t look like someone who’s beauty tips I would take…very TOWIE…but I’ve stolen the concept.

So I’m basically going to talk you through my beauty and makeup. Who knows if you’ll find this interesting, but my best friend’s sisters always seem very keen on my makeup tips..plus when same best friend got married this year, I was her makeup artist. We went to the Bobbi Brown counter in John Lewis, she had a makeover and I watched, writing down everything the makeup lady said. I’ve never been so pleased with the results of something I created..and when I say something I created, I of course mean, her face.

Moving on…I’ll start with skin care…


So, this is really a recent pregnancy thing..every day after my shower, I massage Bio Oil into my bump and boobs…the NHS website says that oils and creams cannot be linked to preventing stretch marks…that you’ll get them if you get them and they might or might not disappear and there’s nothing you can do about it. But you know, I tend to pick and choose when I believe in science, so I do it anyways.
Then moisturise all over in Dove moisturiser cos being pregnant just means you want to have lovely soft skin, even if putting it on does make me get out of breath.

Then I moisturise my face in light Simple moisturiser..I recently read an article which said don’t spend loads of money on moisturiser cos as long as it hydrates and suits your skin type, you’re golden. I didn’t spend a lot on moisturiser anyway but it’s nice to have validation. I then add Simple Radiance cream which acts as a serum. Sali Hughes in the guardian marked it as a star product and I basically do whatever she tells me.


Next up is base. I use Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat foundation…I love this foundation so much. It’s quite light but you can build it up so it acts as a sort of tinted moisturiser for every day when I just use one pump, and when I go out I use two pumps! I never go out these days so it lasts ages! Then I use Mac concealer under eyes and around the nose. This stuff is amazing and I highly reccommend it for good coverage. I also use Touche Eclat highlighter under eyes on special occasions.
Then we have a dusting of No 7 pressed powder to take away shine, and No 7 bronzer on cheeks, forehead and nose. Not a lot. and you apply it by making sweeping motions with a big brush in the shape of a number 3 on each side of your face. the trick is to use it when the sun would hit your face. I learned that from the Bobbi Brown lady.

Then I use this coral coloured cream blush from No 7 on cheeks. It’s a lovely colour and I like creamy blush cos it makes your skin look dewy.


Next, eyes.
I use this Collection 2000 eyebrow kit. It was like three quid and I’ve broken the lid off but it does the job. I apply with an angled eyebrow brush to fill in my almost invisible blondy eyebrows.
I always wear black eyeliner…for most days just this Rimmel Kohl pencil smudged on the top of eyelashes with a sweep of black eyeshadow under the eye to look very subtly smokey. For going out I’ll usually go bigger with this Clinique gel liner, using an eyeliner brush. It’s quite rare that I’ll stray from this formula!


Now we have lips.
I don’t tend to wear lipstick to work, just use some Vaseline Rosy lips. But on the weekends I do love a red lip. I have about 50 million red lipsticks and my fave of all time is Mac Ruby Woo, an amazing matt finish and bluey red colour which I’ve been told makes your teeth look whiter. Unfortunately I lost it last year and instead of spending the 15 quid on a new one, I’ve probably spent that on cheaper ones. Nevermind. But these are my faves that I do have…Kate Moss for Rimmel in red, both normal and matt…Kick Pleat Red from & Other Stories which is a bit orangey…don’t use it on cheeks as well though as it makes you look like a crazy doll. And finally Bourgois Rouge Edition Velvet which goes on like a gloss and stays on for AGES. I love it. The trick is to apply, blot, apply. Do this 3 times with any red lippy. and moisturise lips first of course.

And that’s it!

What are your star makeup bad items or pregnancy beauty solutions?


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