Holiday Style! Day One

I’m on holiday!!!


Dan and I have ‘jetted off’ to Malta for a week with my family. My mum is Maltese and has a timeshare out here in a hotel…we tease her that it was a total con but we’re getting a free holiday in a fancy apartment in a fancy hotel by the beach in 26 degree weather so maybe it wasn’t such a con after all?

Anyways we’re here and it’s so lovely to  have a week where all I have to do is eat, relax, read and sleep.


Day one was a pretty easy one. We got up after 11 hours sleep (thank god cos I’ve been sleeping really badly at home) and went down to the pool where we swam and sunbathed. Then lunch of traditional Maltese Ftira (essentially a sandwich) and then more pool time. In the evening we played a spot of table tennis and despite me not knowing the rules, I won!

Then dinner and bed. Amazing.

So what to wear for such a day?

Well, it was bikini and khaftan all day.
I wore factor 25 sun cream on my body and Clinique City Block in factor 40 on by face (I always wear this all summer).


The khaftan is my mum’s..I stole it a few years ago. I have no idea where it’s from but probably TKMaxx coz she lives in there. The bikini top is Freya and the bottoms are Marksys.

I bought the bottoms for my honeymoon cos we went to Coachella and I heard that it’s too hot for clothes out there and you end up wearing just bikini…I thought hmmm if that’s the case I’m going to need some very large bottoms…I’m not bopping about in tiny stringy things. It paid off but once Dan saw me in them and went “oh no it’s the return of the big knickers!!!”.


The bikini top I bought in early pregnancy cos my old one didn’t fit after about 8 weeks….my boobs just went…ping! One size bigger.


I would really recommend Freya bikinis, or shopping on figleaves for swimwear if you have bigger boobs normally and especially when preggo.

I’ve also got on a pineapple patterned “turban” headband from Asos and sunglasses from

And there you have it!
Right I’m off to drink some banana juice I bought yesterday. (Yeah I know weird right?)


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