Holiday Style!! Day Two..Tropical Chic

Second day of holiday was a bit busier. We went down to the beach to meet about a million of my cousins which was lovely cos there were 4 of us all sitting there in various stages of pregnancy… at 29 weeks, one at 38, one at 6 and one at 11….I got to actually impart pregnancy wisdom to other pregnant people! I didn’t have much to share really and they knew more than me…apparently I shouldn’t really be eating sugar. Oops.

For the beach I wore my freya/marksys bikini combo with a beach dress from Primark which I got for Coachella last year…it was way too big when I got it and I wore it with a it fits perfectly!! Very club Tropicana.



Also featured today is…….Dan! He was looking pretty tropical himself for a beach chic look so here he is in an Urban Outfitters top and yellow swimming shorts.


Then in the evening we went to a family party so I got to glam up a bit..


I wore this dress from New Look which isn’t maternity, I just got it a size bigger…white sandals from Zara and necklace from Zara….tropical!


Hair monster!!

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