Holiday Style! Days Three and Four

Well I do apologise but yesterday I uploaded a blog with no content! Holiday know how it is. Well it’s lost forever now. I’m sure you’re very disappointed.


Anyway must soldier on.

So the main highlight of day three was my maternity massage in the hotel spa! Wow it was amazing…I came out soooo I blissed out. I just wanted to float away…but they made me sit down and pay and then they tried to sell me shit….not ok! Then when I went back to my hotel room I had to spend 5 minutes banging on the door before someone heard me. But apart from that…blissed out. I wish I had a photo of me with my oily hair all over the shop and a goofy grin. My hair was oily from the massage oil by the way, not cos I hadn’t washed it.


Anyway..calling all preggo people! Get a maternity massage. It’s amazing. Not great for sorting out back pain though…but for relaxation and pampering…brills.


For poolside lounging I switched bikinis (no more enormous pants!)..borrowing a bikini top from my mum cos mine’s become a bit tight on the bust. Not sure where it’s from really..and then as a cover up I had on this white thing from Primark. It’s size 22! You know how weird Primark is.


Then on day four, Dan and I went out for a night on the town! It started at 5pm and we were in bed by 9.30…my kind of night!


I wore an Asos dress…not maternity, just a size bigger….Aztec! With an Accessorize necklace and green Converse.


And there you have it…the holiday is rapidly coming to an end…! But I’ve picked up a bit of a tan and my bump has grown this week I’m sure of it. And I’m starting to get that weird line from the naval to the crotch….woo!


This last photo is me outside Dick’s Bar…an old watering hole of my dad’s when he was stationed here in the 70’s, wooing my mother.

Catch you later…..

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