Holiday Style! Last day….

The holiday is over! It’s been one of those where I’ve just done almost nothing which has made it go super fast. Now I’m home watching my tummy jump from Mr Jiggly kicking me..That’s Enterntainment!

I also have post holiday blues I pregnancy app (Emma’s Diary which I really like) says I’ll be a bit up and down at the mo and it was right. It also said I should eat more iron, fibre and calcium…I’ve been drinking milk like a crazy person and bought a bag of spinach I need to incorporate into my lunch. I actually love spinach though so the joke’s on them.

But back to holiday style!


The last day of holiday was my brother’s birthday which meant a trip to his fave Maltese restaurant. I’m not that keen on it cos I think it’s a bit like the pizza/pasta equivalent of TGI Friday..I told Dan this and he said “oh yeah your brother said you were a real snob about this place”. Oh. I’m not very good at masking my opinions it would seem.

Turned out the joke was on me though cos I had an amazing bowl of pasta…nothing refined but cheesy and AMAZING. Unfortunately I’d forgotten how ridiculously large Maltese pasta portions are…I ordered the “main” size instead of “starter” size and it was about double the size of a portion I would normally make myself. Which normally would be great but I’m 7 months pregnant and there’s no room in there! I ate so much I almost died and I left half of it!


So what to wear for the stuffing of a lifetime?

I wore a New Look maternity dress which I initially bought for work but it’s actually way too booby for that…added my Accessorize necklace that I wear a lot at the moment, Marksys red wedges (it was a mistake to wear these as my feet got super swollen) and hey presto!

In these pictures I’m posing with my cousin Sarah who looks a bit like my dopelganger here (but younger and much narrower) and my niece Jessica who’s sporting a lovely headband…


And that’s that…holiday done..

Ps in these photos you wouldn’t know I was pregnant at all but I promise I am!

Catch you later!


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