Casual Wear and Some Horrific Graphic Toys

So today’s outfit of the day was for a casual Saturday of museum visting and pub lunching.


I’m wearing H&M maternity treggings, a grey Topshop non maternity t-shirt, Zara necklace, Zara parka and red converse. I love this coat and it’s leather sleeves…well not real leather but you know…the converse are basically for the bin. But converse these days cost 47 quid!! Can you believe it? I’ve had these ones since 2005 when they cost 30 quid…that’s quite a mark up. Is it? I’m no economist. Obvs.


In other news, Dan and I started our ante natal classes this week…Right..any expectant parents who aren’t sure whether to fork out for NCT or hold out for NHS classes: if you’re having your baby at Kings, don’t bother with NCT…you’ll save yourself £300 and you still get 5 classes, in Dulwich, and they do the contact sharing thing so you still get your network of new mums. Brills!


The first class consisted of detailed descriptions of all stages of Labour….bit of an eye opener..with models of the cervix at the different stages of dilation….I giggled nervously when holding that…..basically gets massive….and a toy of a placenta to show us what else we have to push out after the baby! Woo.


I felt simultaneously horrified and excited. I now also understand what Braxton Hicks contractions are and that I’m having them all bloody day..I love them…I don’t know why. It just feels really like I’m pregnant and nature is doing what it’s meant to!


It’s a bit early to pack my hospital bag but I’m making lists of things I need and that’s super exciting too. If only our bloody house would go through so we can move and I can sort out all the baby stuff. I’m feeling quite impatient and minorly stressed about it. But have to keep telling myself to chill, take life as it comes (not my default setting).


And that’s that!

Ps..The weather is pissing me off…it’s so hot and I want to wrap up. It’s going to be 18 degrees on Monday ffs.



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