Designer Girl!

Right…I’m 32 weeks pregnant…ARGH!!! It’s so exciting to feel like I’m only 6 weeks away from being full term (normal time to give labour is between 38 and 42 weeks and your due date is slap bang in the middle)…but also a bit scary…in a good way.


We still don’t know when our new house will complete and if we’ll be in in time for Mr Jiggly’s arrival…and at the moment I just want to get ready for him. To give myself a bit of control, I waxed 40 quid in Boots yesterday on bits for my hospital bag…woo!


Anyways…I’ve got 3 and a half weeks left of work and I’m struggling style wise! Yesterday my outfit was so rank every time I looked in the mirror I felt queasy. It’s this bloody hot weather! I’m sorry to all you who feel the cold…but when is winter starting? WHEN? I need it. It’s effing 18 degrees today. What am I supposed to wear? Sandals and a summer dress? I ended up wearing tights and brogues with a summer top. Urgh.

Today I feel super comfy though in a simple outfit of skinny jeans from H&M…yes you’re right..I DO wear these every day…plus an Isabella Oliver maternity too..WHAT? I hear you ask…those cost a bloody fortune! Yes they do, but a friend gave it to me for free! Woo! It’s got special support for boobs and it’s long so shows off the bump really well. No doubting I’m preggo in this.


I’ve teamed the skinnies with brogues from ASOS and rolled the bottom of the jeans up slightly to show a “sliver”..I’ve been reading all week about how the sliver is in…that’s a sliver of ankle. So this is my nod to contemporary fashion. I’ve also got on a Zara necklace, Casio gold digital watch and gold Topshop earrings.

I haven’t worn a jacket cos it’s meant to be boil city today. I’ll probably get cold.


Ok that’s it!
Have a great Tuesday!
XOXO…GOSSIP GIRL…(No not really it’s just me not gossip girl!)


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