Giddy Up!

My life at the moment is a battle. A battle with the weather. It’s causing me so much grief I have to assume it’s hormones + pregnancy hotness = tantrum. Because there has been throwing. And tears. Welcome to the final stretch!

I basically have no clothes which are suitable for my large body…constant discomfort and weather which is both hot and cold in the same day. Also factor in work appropriateness and the desire to look good and not like a tragic bedraggled mousse.


Life is hard huh?! And my diamond shoes are too tight and my wallet’s too small for all these 50’s!

Anyways this weekend I visited my best friend from school days, Tasha. When she was pregnant a few years ago I met her for coffee and cake in fortnum and masons (do this it’s nice) and she was wearing a lovely top covered in horses. It had buttons up the back that she could undo to make space for her big bump. I’ve thought about that top a lot and have many times googled “Dorothy Perkins horse buttons back” to try and get one.

Well yesterday Tash said…hey remember that horse top I wore in fortnum and masons? Do you want it? ERR YES PLEASE. and thank heavens cos I’ve really run out of good stuff.


I’m wearing it today with the usuals. I’m not even going to say it. You know what they are. Plus my white converse. They look very battered but in comparison to the red ones which went into the bin this week (sob!), they’re basically brand new. But I love them! I’ve asked for some new converse for my birthday but who knows if I’ll get them seeing as I’ve also asked for a leather jacket, a Michael kors watch, a kindle and a facial. Maybe I should list them in priority? BUT I WANT THEM ALL!!


Anyways in other news I got my haircut! Here’s the “after”. I don’t like it.


Catch you later
Ps did you spot the friends quote?

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