An eventful week and a surprise

Well I can safely say I’m brimming with excitement…bursting…buzzing. I’m ready to pop.

First point…We exchanged and completed on our house last week after months of slow dragging and letters being sent back and forth, second class in the post. Solicitors and mortgage lenders don’t seem to have heard of email or scanners.
But we’re moving in a week! Professionals are coming to pack all my things and move them to my new the old one for me too.
I can finally sort out Mr Jiggly’s room! I can nest! I’m not sure if I actually have that ‘nesting thing’ or if it’s just my personality but I’m desperate to do some home making…or at least pay someone else to do it for me.

Second point of excitement…it’s my last week of work! Thank heavens for that! The commute wipes me out completely…only 4 more of these to go!

Finally..yesterday I met my best friends for brunch and someone really casually suggested we all go back to Halcyon’s (one the friends) house for some tea…Ok I said…maybe…no you’re right let’s do it, I never see you guys. I had driven so everyone got the bus while two of us headed over in the car…it was only about a mile away but lots of one way streets and it took a bloody age. Laura, who’d come with me in the car also needed to stop for a diet coke coz she was hungover….We finally got to Halc’s and there was a surprise baby shower for me! They’d all been panicking I would get there super fast in the car so was taken on a wild goose chase…amazing. They were all convinced I knew about it but I hadn’t a clue…someone at work asked me last week if I’d had one and I was like err no..I just hadn’t even thought about it.

What a lovely surprise..they’d all clubbed in and got me a voucher for a place in Crystal palace that does pregnancy massage..there were cakes, balloons, games and Prosecco for the drinkers. So lovely.

The games were especially good..nappies filled with melted chocolate and you had to guess the chocolate…most disgusting game ever. Also baby pictures of everyone and I

had to guess the baby…impossible. I was terrible at it.

But it was such a lovely afternoon and I was so touched.

35 weeks pregnant tomorrow so only 5 weeks til Christmas! I mean til Mr Jiggly!



Right which nappy shall I eat from?



The ice cubes had little babies in them


Hen listening to the baby


Mmmm delicious nappy mess




Nappy fun


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