Jump (er) into Christmas!



Today’s outfit is based around a maternity jumper I picked up in H&M yesterday. It was a total impulse buy…I finished work at last! And I was on top of the world so I went and got my eye brows threaded and tinted and then popped into H&M to see if they had any more jeans leggings things in another colour…I love mine so much and they’ll be great after the baby comes too..I found this jumper instead..so cute! With a touch of sparkle to get ready for chrimbo.


I normally refuse to start celebrating Christmas until after my birthday (1st December, I have an Amazon wishlist if you’re wondering) but for some reason this year I’m raring to go. Maybe it’s cos my usual polaric personality of extremes is heightened right now by pregnancy and I’m experiencing terrifying highs and crippling lows..but I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS. Because this year I get a new house and a new baby. And maybe even a new kindle.


Anyways, I wore my new jumper today to spend many hours in traffic and waiting at the new house for our fridge to be delivered. And to eat picnic sandwiches on the floor.

I wore it with my you know whats and BRAND NEW CONVERSE…I bought some! Look how shiny. They’re prison clean, as we used to say in school. I don’t really get it to be honest.



I also put my hair up, jauntily..and did my makeup a bit different..Brown smoky eyes and a gothic berry lip..the lipstick is Topshop lip liner which I used all over…a bit dressy for daytime really but I like it.

And hey Presto that’s it.

Catch you later…

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