BIRTH WEEKEND!!! As in the celebration of my own birth…

Tomorrow is my birthday! Or as my mum would say…”bird day”…because she has a Maltese accent.

So today I went for a pub Sunday roast with my nearest and dearest.
What to wear? Well, I recently decided my post pregnancy/new mum look will be cool checked shirts or big v necked jumpers with jeansy leggings…I figured I’ll have a fat tummy so need long things..and shirts and v necks will be great for breast feeding.


Because I only have TWENTY FOUR DAYS TO GO, and have completely exhausted all my clothes, I thought I’d get a head start and have already got my hands on 2 checked shirts which fit the bill. One of them, my mum got me only yesterday as a present. So today I wore it with my h&m jeansy leggings which I basically wear every day.


If you’re in early pregnancy and looking to buy some maternity jeans, I highly recommend getting these. They’re so comfortable and because they’re stretchy you can lounge in them, dress them up…I was going to buy another pair coz I reckon they’ll still be great after the baby comes but my mum talked me out of it..I’ll wait until the baby actually has come and see what I sister in law says fit the first 6 weeks I’ll probably just wear pyjamas and trackie bottoms so we’ll see!


Anyways back to today..the pictures I have of the outfit are really only of my top. I wore it with gold drop earrings from topshop and my wedding rings around my neck on a chain…this is mainly because my fingers keep getting super hot and my rings feel tight. Didn’t want to leave them at home though…practical!

I also wore red lippy to make it snazzy.

Here is a picture of my birthday cake…



And here’s one of Lanny, our cat, trying to get up the chimney..



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