Just another winter’s tale

This week I actually ventured outside of my postcode and WENT CENTRAL..ie central London.

I’ve been putting off writing a blog cos I really did paint myself into a corner, making this a style blog. Sure, it’s all laughs in the beginning when I’m going to work, weekends away and holidays…but what about when I’ve literally doubled in size, don’t have any clothes, and spend my days watching Netflix and going to Ikea.


But I’ve made my bed, so I’d better lie in it. Or…I could do an ASOS. ASOS is a clothes shop website..it started out as “as seen on screen”…you’d find clothes you saw on telly or on celebrities…that didn’t do well and they changed the name to ASOS and everyone forgot you used to click on pictures of Nicky Hilton to shop her look…this was 2005 btw, hence the out of date celebrity reference.

So we’ll see if I end up doing an ASOS (doing an ASOS can also refer to not delivering on promises, bad customer service and missing parcels, but I won’t get into that today), and “Style in Larsville” may end up being called SIL or Si Larsville. Hey! I like that!


But what about my night out? Well, my good friend Chris is a member of the London Gay Man’s Chorus and every year they do a fabulous Christmas concert..this year returning to Cadogan Hall in Sloane Square..normally I’m pretty drunk at these affairs but this time I had an elderflower presse…delish!

The night was great! It took me about half an hour to get up the stairs to the stalls and in the interval, two people actually said no when I asked if I could sit on a chair they were saving for a friend…but the rest was great!

My favourite songs were when they did Let it Go from Frozen, and when they did Like a Prayer by Madonna.

I also ate a lovely sausage roll.

I didn’t really get any good photos of my outfit, unforch, but I wore my new H&M maternity jeans (not as comfy as my other ones coz they’re actually jeans not jeansy leggings), a black chiffon vest which is actually my friend Jane’s…I packed it with my stuff after we shared a room on a hen weekend this summer..also added an unstructured blazer. I knew I’d be super hot in the theatre so I purposely dressed in very light layers. I added gold necklaces and brightly coloured Zara earrings. I’ll be honest, I felt like a badly dressed whale.


But I think that’s par for the course when you’re 37 weeks preggo.
Ok bye!!

One thought on “Just another winter’s tale

  1. G-Way says:

    I like the way those 2 guys are just chillin, and then its like someone calls out ‘Dave’ and they both turn around cause they have the same name.

    Nice read La, liking the earrings!


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