The Waiting Game

This post is more of a general update than a style update…I now have one week until Mr Jiggly is due so on one hand I could go into labour at any time, and on the other it could be another three weeks. That’s quite hard to get my head around really. I’ve been reading blogs of other mothers to get tips on how to make the most of my time, and also on what those first few weeks will be like.

I read one yesterday called “diary of a new father”…it started off by saying that the first two weeks are “hell”. Great!
I don’t care if it’s hell though, I just want Mr Jiggly to come.

My time is quite full’s a list of things I’ve been doing and have planned to keep me busy.

1. Procrastination
I was doing a coaching qualification at work and have to do 2 assignments by the end of Jan..the plan was to get these done on my month off before Mr Jiggly comes. Gosh I’m good at putting this off..makes the time go really fast. I’ve done nothing and can’t really see me actually getting started. Oh well who cares when I’ll have a baby! Also I’ve forgotten my password to my work comp and there’s no way in hell I’m calling IT. It’ll really ruin my maternity leave buzz.


2. Boxset-erama
I started watching House on Netflix the day I started my mat leave..I’m already on season 5! It’s pretty cheesy and repetitive but I love it. Very easy watching and I think I fancy Hugh Laurie, which is confusing because it’s DARLING! Also it’s Bertie we Worcester..not sexy characters from my childhood really. Anyways I can really wile away the hours watching this. Yesterday I ended up doing nothing but watch House and eat chocolate biscuits and the day went by in a flash!


3. Exercise
I’ve loved swimming during my’s kept me feeling like I’m still exercising, I’m weightless when I do it and it’s great for my aching back, joints and muscles. There’s a pool only a few minutes walk from my new house and I’m going about twice a week..I might try and go every day now because my nights are so uncomfortable. I feel completely relaxed and amazing in the pool it’s great..and if I go in the morning, when I get back it’s time for lunch hooray!


4. Ante natal networking
I’m slowly building a bit of a network. We all swapped details at my nhs ante natal classes and last week 4 of us met for lunch. It was really nice to actually find out about people and talk about our aches and pains and plans. I’ve also been swapping details with girls from my maternity yoga class and on Thursday I’m meeting one for a walk and a coffee.

It’s actually really weird building a network..I’ve met other pregnant girls and got on with them and wanted to ask for their number but been too embarrassed…it’s like dating!
You just have to get bold.


5. Pamper Pamper Pamper
And no I don’t mean the nappies! Lol.
During the course of my maternity leave I have had/will have had a manicure, bikini wax, facial, pregnancy massage and pedicure. All treats and pampering sessions that either will help me relax or be something to enjoy while I still can.

I highly recommend this if you’re pregnant. Luckily I’ve been given vouchers and presents to help pay for it all as it does all add up.


I did read about pregnant people having loads of treatments done so they look good in the photos when the baby comes out…which is weird and not what I’m doing!

There’s no point in me getting a fake tan and semi permanent make up for child birth, I’m sure the sweaty face and bedraggled hair will counteract.

And that’s about it!
My “guide” to pre baby maternity leave…

Next time..I’ll live blog an episode of House for you how riveting!


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