A last “date” and some new jeans

In my online adventures, reading about the last few weeks of pregnancy, lots of people recommend going on a date with your partner. I basically resent using this term for a night out with your one and only, but fine..We went on a date. And by date, I mean we went out.


The hot date started with an appointment at the bank, opening a new joint account…sexy! The bloke who we had the appointment with was just that..a blokey bloke who wore a knuckle duster of a ring and had gelled hair..he was perfectly nice but insisted on trying to make small talk in between the banking questions..”so…do you like Christmas?” ….”so….are you a football man?”…when Dan answered yes and that he supported West Ham, the bank man said “oh you beauty” and high fived him. Then talked about football for ten minutes. Later, Dan asked me if he should have refused the high five.

Anyways, after that excursion, we were hungry so we picked up a snack in the MacDonald’s across the road…our dinner reservation was many many hours away and we like to mix the high culture with the low…the place was absolutely full of teenagers who’d just finished school…what a fashion eye opener…one boy was wearing TWO pairs of tracksuit bottoms, the top pair pulled down past his bum.


Dan doesn’t like it when I openly mock teenagers in public, but this was very difficult not to do.

After this we hit the East Dulwich tat shops to finish off the Christmas shopping, which we pulled off with aplomb..We also got new over priced mugs for ourselves, and some new baubles for our tiny, bare Christmas tree. When shopping for others it’s always good to buy yourself something too right?

Anyways, we then could let the real date begin..drinks in the pub where there was an actual baby’s party and an office party full of drunken screechers who could give the north London Tapper mum from Gogglebox a run for her money. I actually think the drunken office party were teachers from a local school coz they were slurring anecdotes about pupils while they had a fag outside.


The final part of the night was at a Peckham restaurant called Artisu…a place described in the review as “achingly cool”…it was so achingly cool, the art on the walls was a framed Jay cloth. A jay cloth! And one of the waitresses was dressed so 90’s, it was like being in an episode of Streetmate..In a good way.

The food was bloody amazing though..it was Italian and so delish..I had a mozzarella and tomato starter that was so tasty and different to your normal bland version of this dish..Then for main, tagliatelle with ox cheek ragu and finally honey and caramel ice cream…all sounds really simple but absolute heaven.


I highly recommend it!
The best bit though was this table that had two white old men sat with a young really geeky looking Chinese boy. The men didn’t say one word to the boy the whole time and he didn’t speak at all. What was their deal?! Dan was convinced the boy was a prostitute.

And that’s that!

I didn’t really get dressed up or anything, I just wore these new New Look maternity jeans…Yes I know it’s stupid to buy more clothes at this point but I was desperate. Plus I can still wear them when the baby comes out.
I wore a long sleeved white stretchy top from Sainsbury’s under a stripy jumper my mum brought round the other day..it’s from H&M…I’ve never seen her wear it, she must have found it in the back of her wardrobe, but I really like it. I jazzed it up with red lippy and a yellow Zara necklace.


And there you go! Date done!
We also bought tickets to see Edward Scissorhands at Sadlers Wells next Sunday..We figured if the baby hasn’t come it’s a good distraction and if he has come we’ll give the tickets away and won’t care. I’M PLAYING A TRICK ON FATE.

Ok bye!
(This final picture is of the dog grooming shop across the road cos it made us laugh)



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