Friendmas! AKA “Glittermas”

Every year, all of our friends have friendmas…we go out for a meal and do Secret Santa. It’s pretty basic, but let me explain further…we do this every year. It’s annual. It used to be called Lara’s annual mince pie and mulled wine party. But then I stopped hosting it because I got white carpets and also no-one really liked mulled wine. Or mince pies.


So Friendmas!

This was a good last chance to hang out with all my best friends in the world before Mr Jiggly comes and also get drunk on the atmosphere of everyone else getting drunk for real.


I used this opportunity to buy myself a new dress which was probably frivolous and idiotic seeing as I’ll only be pregnant for another 2 weeks, max. But hey, I’m a rollercoaster of emotions and one of those emotions is “shopping frenzy”.


I bought a sweatshirt dress from Topshop (maybe not the best idea considering my current body temperature) which is super cute. It’s got sort of embroidered hearts on it…I mean they ARE hearts, but I’m not sure if it counts as embroidery.

It’s a size 14, non maternity dress and it’s slightly big…fits perfectly on the bump but on the top, I’m normally a size 10..But I just rolled my sleeves up and I figured when the baby comes out I’ll just wash it and tumble dry it shrinks. Good plan huh?


To make the outfit Christmassy, I GLITTERED IT UP. Glitter lids! I used Topshop glitter shadow which is brilliant..first you apply the cream eye shadow to your lids and then the glitter sticks on. Amaze.


I also wore loads of blingy gold again. That’s my Christmas jam now. Big gold Zara necklace, gold watch, gold bracelet, gold ring. Plus tonnes of makeup and red lipstick.


#friendmas was super fun too..I left after the Thai meal and a glass of water in the pub..I heard the others stayed until they were chucked out for singing Jewish Christmas carols and they’ve all been messaging this morning to say they’re so hungover they’re dead…a good night had by all!


2 thoughts on “Friendmas! AKA “Glittermas”

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    you look beautiful!! i love your eyeshadow and your whole look. that tradition sounds really fun ❤
    please follow me on instagram @the_ch1ara 🙂


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