He’s been! (My labour, as it happened)

Well I’ve had my baby! His name is Fredrik Moss Hogan and he was born on 30th December 2014.


I thought I’d carry on my pregnancy style blog though we just all need to forget it’s meant to be about pregnancy style. Let’s just keep with it and see where it goes.

For today’s post I’m giving you a blow by blow account of my labour. I’ll start by saying I had a few complications but everything turned out ok and it was all worth it and manageable. I’ve said that because when I was still preggo, lots of people thought they would tell me labour horror stories and it scared the bejesus out of me. I also read an article about miscarriages late in pregnancy and I FREAKED OUT.

If you’re pregnant and would rather just not know details and wait until you go through out, just don’t carry on reading this.

Ok so here we go:


Wake up to go to the loo and feel a bit of a leak in my knickers. Is it my waters breaking? I’ve got bad period pain too..is that a contraction? Can’t sleep so I go downstairs and drink tea and watch House.


Call the maternity help line to say my waters may have broken and am I having contractions? They say probably not because when you’re having contractions, you know! They say to come in so my waters can be checked. Turns out they were contractions by the way, I must just be used to terrible period pains!


Go into hospital and have a lady put her hand up my vagina for the first of many such events in a 48 hour period. Doesn’t hurt though just weird.
They can’t tell if my waters have broken and they tell me to go home and come back when my contractions are 4 mins apart and 1 minute in length. We’ve established that I am actually having contractions which to me feel like the worst period pains of your life, in waves.


Contractions are worse than I could have imagined…I’m letting out sort of mooing sounds..they’re about 6 mins apart and I’m using my TENS machine to help.


Have tried having a bath, getting on all fours, mooing, TENS machine, tried sleeping…it’s all getting a bit unbearable and contractions are varying between 2 mins and 8 mins..I call the maternity unit and they say to come in.
We get a cab over there and they tell me I’m only 1cm dilated (active labour starts at 4cm) and should go home. Then they check my pulse and it’s through the roof so they admit me..the pain is really bad now.


It’s been a rough night but the contractions have slowed down..still getting more painful though. We decide to go for a pethidin injection..a synthetic opiate which helps you cope with the pain and also lets you sleep. This really helps.


I’ve somehow got through the day although it’s all a bit of a blur. By now I’m absolutely desperate again so have another injection as I’m still no closer to being 4cm dilated. They also give me gas and air now..hooray! I’m breathing it as if it’s actually my air supply. It really helps you focus and distract from the pain.


One of the midwives comes in and says she has a feeling I’ll be ready for labour now..she has a feel inside and she’s right! Thank fuck for that. I’m sorry for my language but that’s how it felt. I was ready for my bloody epidural.


Have finally got my own room and epidural has been administered. Sweet relief! Dan and I both get some sleep..him on a sort of dog bed on the floor.


Dog bed

Some time in the morning
I’m still not really dilating much so they give me this special drug which makes the contractions come super hard and super fast. I can even feel them through the epidural!
I’m just sort of sliding in and out of consciousness now really.

Some time later

The drug that makes the contractions come fast is making the baby’s heart rate go up so they take me off that and do a test to see if he’s ok..the test involves reaching up inside me and scratching his head, then testing the blood. They say if he’s distressed they’ll do a cesarean. Despite this, I’m not scared or worried.
The test shows he’s ok though!
We carry on waiting.


All of a sudden, I’m fully dilated! Again, someone just had a feeling I would be.
But the baby is facing the wrong way which explains my terrible back pain every time I had a contraction. So they rush me to theatre for a forceps delivery. They also prep me for a cesarean so that if the baby gets distressed they’ll just cut me open. Sounds scary but I think they just do that to be safe and save time rather than it being a strong possibility.
They give me a blocker so I can’t feel below the waist AT ALL…I didn’t even know I had my feet in stirrups until I looked up and saw.
The anesthetists were great and kept updating me on what was going on and Dan wore scrubs! Which was nice.
2 pushes and the baby is out. They put him on me, all bloody and wiggling and it’s amazing. Then they have to take him away which is awful, while the baby doctor checks him out. He hasn’t cried yet and I get all worried but then there it is!
They bring him back to me and I hold him but it’s very awkward as I’m lying down and my arms are super weak.

They sew me up coz they had to do an episiotomy and wheel me to recovery. I also get the first of many compliments on my pedicure.

The baby is perfect but turns out my blood pressure is very low, my heart rate very high and I’ve lost blood so need a transfusion. But I feel fine and super happy.

They keep me in for another 48 hours until I’m stable which means I get loads of one on one midwife time, which to be honest was great!

And that’s it!

My personal recommendation is to take the drugs on offer, but everyone’s different. Whatever you do, just keep an open mind and do what you need to get through.
Also, don’t be scared of getting cut and needing stitches. It actually is fine and this was one of my greatest fears.
Ok bye! Here are some photos.


Hospital roast dinner


Hospital socks and pedicure


Just had my first shower in days, can now have clean cuddle!



Bent over double with gas and air to hand!


In pain and not amused Dan is taking photos


Family hospital Selfie


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