New Mum Style and Beauty (cos I’m keepin it real)

Gosh the ambassador really is spoiling you with another blog post after a mere two days!

Yesterday I ventured out to the local Tesco…I know! Call the society pages and update them!

It was a big deal for me though..I can actually walk about at a normal speed now that my stitches are on the mend.


I also wanted to show you some clothes from my Topshop haul that I got over Christmas when I was waiting to give birth.

I got these amazing new leggings which are basically stretchy skinny comfy and totally thick enough so you can’t see my knickers…I have a rule which is “leggings are not trousers” but these really are like trousers so I’m breaking it. They also are quite high waisted so good for my fat jelly belly. It actually isn’t that fat to be honest. I was really wondering what my tummy would be like after the baby came out…the first few days it was massive and really squishy, but it’s gone down loads since and isn’t too bad.


Anyways..I also got this lovely checked’s my fourth new checked shirt in 2 months! I’m obsessed with them. It’s cos you can open them really easily for breast feeding and they’re long and skim my bumps! I don’t really like purpose breast feeding tops v much so I’m living in these shirts.

I also got this lovely cardi which is really snuggly and has pockets.

And there you have it! I’m not really wearing makeup, just some Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser and mascara.

Added some brown Topshop Chelsea boots and Zara parka, a baby and a pram!

I was out of the house for no more than 30 minutes but there you go, worth a blog I think.
Catch you later!


Oh and here’s one of Freddie…he’s wearing a Mothercare baby grow!



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