Normcore Au Max

So on Saturday, Dan and I walked up to Crystal Palace in the glorious sunshine and meandered about a bit. In my new life as a mum, this constitutes a day out and also warrants lipstick.

It was a lovely walk and took about an hour..part of it was vertical. As a new mum trying to lose a bit of baby jiggle, how long walks up hills= 👍.


I wore what is really part of a uniform for me now..Topshop Double Side leggings (amazing things..I’ve mentioned them before and I’m mentioning them again..if you’re them..if you’re a new mum, buy them..super comfy and so thick they’re basically trousers. So I was wrong..leggings CAN be trousers.) with converse trainers and a checked shirt. Also from Topshop. Again, you’ve seen it before..shirts are good for breastfeeding cos you’ve got easy access..and this one is super long to cover big bum, big belly!


I added RayBans and an orange Zara bag..then topped it off with orange lipstick..




The piece de residence was my new coat which I obsessed over for 3 days and then Dan bought for me as an early mother’s day gift.
I needed this coat. It may seem like an ordinary cream parka to you but this coat transforms my outfits into laid back cool normcore wonders. It makes me seem in control..and ready for anything. Cos it’s chic yet also has a hood. You know what I’m saying right?
Anyways it’s from gap and it’s perfect.

Unforch, Dan took a series of unflattering photos of my outfit..We were in a rush cos the baby was crying and it’s not good to ignore your baby while you take pictures for your blog. 

In other news, I got a new duvet set! It’s from Sainsbury’s (when you’ve just had a baby you do a lot of browsing in the home and clothes depts if supermarkets).




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