A Jumpsuit for all Occasions

This weekend was my good friend and cousin-in-law James Dean’s bday. To celebrate we hit a pub in Deptford, The Job Centre (used to be a job centre) and then a Turkish restaurant nearby.

This meant calling in the babysitters and stocking up the fridge with breast milk. I planned it so carefully..Unforch, the baby was super unsettled yesterday and it didn’t quite all go to plan but he was fed and taken care of and it was good to experience that when I’m not in control and his routine goes out the window..NOTHING BAD HAPPENS.


I was surprised to find that I was anxious about leaving the baby and wanted to call home and check on him after a mere 25 mins of leaving.

But it was a fun night..I used the opportunity to dress up..Jumpsuit with converse. I added a chunky cardigan cos it was brass monkeys out there..also a woolly hat and coat..and tights under the jumpsuit!


The jumpsuit is H&M..


I added red lipstick and this cute Forever 21 furry handbag Dan got me for Christmas which I haven’t had the chance to use yet..

Then today I wore the jumpsuit again for Mother’s day cos it’s MY day.

And there you have it.
Here’s Fred wearing a marks and spencer dungarees and t shirt combo. And converse too of course.




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