Spring in the Garden of England

Oh hai!
I’ve been gone ages but now I’m back! Maybe. We’ll see how I get on…when I first had Freddie he slept a lot more but my brain was too befuddled to write blogs..now he never sleeps so I really don’t have the time…He’s feeding right now so I’m writing this with my free hand.

The other day a friend asked me do what do you do all day? Watch boxsets?” ERR NO! I wish! The thing is that is what I thought I would be doing before I had Fred. In the beginning I actually did get to watch a lot of telly too..now I’m on 24 hour entertainer duty. There once was a time when Fred slept all night..now it’s hourly waking up…he also doesn’t really like taking naps unless it’s in the pram or in my arms. And according to the book..that’s bad! I’m teaching him bad habits! He’ll NEVER SLEEP IF YOU LET HIM DO THAT. So I’m constantly worried that I should be sleep training him..that I should get him off the dummy etc…ARGH!

But really I’m worried about something all the time..should I ever have let him have a dummy? Is he teething? What should I do differently? Am I doing it wrong? Am I stimulating him enough? It’s become a low constant hum.

And box set wise..I watch ten minutes of my newest fave show Parenthood, while feeding Freddie. This is how I’ve watched 5 seasons…in ten minute blocks. Every time Freddie takes a nap I wash myself or make dinner or grab lunch or do laundry (I basically run a laundry service). By his final nap of the day I can squeeze in a little telly.

But anyways..I won’t go on. The picture is I feel like I don’t really do anything but I’m busy all the time.

At the weekend we went to stay with mum and dad in Kent…This meant stocking up on breast milk so Freddie could sleep in their room so I could catch some uninterrupted zzz’s…Oh yeah expressing milk is also mega stress. I’ll do a separate blog on that I think.

I met mum in Bluewater at the beginning of the weekend so I could go to Zara for some new jeans..The guardian told me Zara do nice jeans so of I trotted! I also got this lovely Olive top. I LOVE NEW CLOTHES.

While at Bluewater I had to feed Freddie in the middle of the shopping centre..just had my boob out very indiscretely..The trick to breastfeeding clothes is to always wear a vest underneath your top..Then you just pull your vest down and pull your top up. Easy access! I thought tops you can unbutton would be best but then you unbutton and your boob is right there. Unforch, I bought I lot of tops like this which is why my boobs are always on display. I don’t mind though…I’m fighting the feminist breastfeeding fight one day at a time. I almost want people to be offended.

Anyways..on the Saturday we drove to a lovely little village in Kent and had lunch at a cute pub. It had nice wine glasses. Nuff Sed. (If a pub doesn’t have nice wine glasses I just walk right out).

They also had a cool chicken house that I got in.


Dan took this fabulous pic of me with my hair all over my face

I used the opportunity to wear my new outfit and I also appropriated these Aldo boots and Zara jacket from my mum’s wardrobe. FREE CLOTHES.

On the Sunday it was my lovely niece Jessica’s first birthday party (shout out to my other niece Izzy ego also had her first birthday that weekend) but I didn’t take any photos of my outfit that day. It’s a shame cos it was really nice. But this way I can wear it to my next event and people won’t be like…err…I’ve seen THIS ONE before.


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