New Mum: What’s in my makeup bag?

When I was preggo I did a “what’s in my makeup bag” and was challenged by some mum friends to do another after I had the baby.

As you can see, when I was up the duff I had oodles of time to give myself home manicures and pedicures weekly and to slather my body in various oils and lotions. And though I didn’t really wear much makeup, I had a serum and various other bits.

Now my spare time is a little sparse..I either get ready during Freddie’s first nap of the Day (half an hour for this plus breakfast plus tidy up bedroom and downstairs) or if I have somewhere to be, I do it while Dan is still at home before he heads to work. In either scenario I have about ten minutes to shower, get dressed and put on any make up.

And I do wear makeup every day. I have every day since Fred was about a week old. Apart from once when I had a fever and once when I went for brunch with my girlfriends which was a strange time to not bother.

Anyways, I’m not caked in slap or putting on a full face of the stuff, but every day I’ll put on something to my face to help me feel human and alive and like me.

So here we go!



I cleanse my face every morning and night with this gel cleanser from No. 7 and a hot wet flannel. It gets off all traces of makeup..In the morning I put in on before I get in the shower to save time. Then I use this Simple day cream.


I’ll always use Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser and Mac concealer..the moisturiser evens out skin tone and gives a bit of a glow and the concealer covers up my extreme bags and dark circles. I don’t use much cos I actually have really good skin at the moment..having a baby seems to have given me lovely skin! It’s never looked so good. I normally get a lot of blackheads under my jaw and I haven’t got ANY. I don’t know if it’s the way I’m cleansing or the having a baby but something’s going right.

Anyways..I Also MIGHT wear blusher depending on if I have time/feel like it/meeting someone. Most days I don’t bother.



I always add a bit of colour to my eyebrows..This new little kit from Rimmell is good..I prefer to get my eyebrows tinted when I get them threaded but I don’t really have time to go get my eyebrows done these days so this does a job.

I always wear mascara and this is a really good one from No 7.

Again depending on time and how I feel, I might line my lashes with brown eyeshadow that I bought in the queue in H&M once.

For lips I just put on a bit of Carmex and I’m done! I can’t be doing with lipstick coz then I get it all over Freddie’s head when I kiss him.

Here’s a photo of me with just the basics and then with the blush and eyeliner.



There’s not a massive difference and in both I still don’t have that much on..he key is that I feel like I’ve made an effort..don’t cringe when I catch sight of myself in the mirror and feel good! It also can all be slapped on in a rush.

And there you have it!


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