Lar-sentials (Lara’s Essentials) For new mums

I was thinking about what things I’ve bought or been given that have been mega helpful and come up with this list…

Giant pillow

I mentioned this in another blog post but so helpful! When I was pregnant I used to support my back cos our sofa then was really squishy and my back was agony by the end..when Fred came out I use it for breastfeeding or if he takes a nap in my arms..I actually had big pillows in every room and if I was in one where there wasn’t a pillow I’d call “DAN PLEASE FETCH MY PILLOW”…like I said before it needs to be very firm and not too flat…these from Ikea are good….or a proper breast feeding pillow..they’re good cos they fit around your body..but we never got one and then when I wanted one it seemed like a lot of we had big pillows anyways so it just seemed like more STUFF to fill our house..

Breast Pump

I wrote a post about this too..I did have the Philips Avent manual pump but recently got the Mendela Swing electrical’s so much was 100 quid though but I think it’s worth it. If you can, you might want to wait until after you’ve had the baby and use someone else’s before you buy as I’ve heard some women struggle to express milk and it’s a lot of money to spend if you can’t use it. But everyone I know has this pump and it works like a dream for them all!

Nail file and buffer

My nails grow SO FAST now that I’ve had Freddie…it’s nuts..I’m filing them down every week or they’re really long and I scratch the baby..while you’re at it give them a quick buff cos you don’t have time to paint them and even when you do manage it (which is never) they chip after an hour cos you’re always washing up. So a little buff makes you feel a bit nicer! This one from boots is only two sister in law bought it for me when I was still preggo in my “baby survival kit” and I’ve already replaced it once cos I use it so much.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Washing your hair takes ages! I never noticed before how long you have to be in the shower to wash your hair..So to make your hair last a little longer this stuff is great..again it was in my baby survival kit! Thanks Helen!


My mum bought me loads of 20p flannels from Ikea..I used to them to put down on the changing mat under the baby so he wouldn’t be cold..covered his penis with one so he couldn’t wee all over me while changing him..they were really handy!

Mr Hoopy Toy

This was a present and it’s a great toy! It’s basically a chain of plastic hoops, all bright colours..Fredrik has loved it for ages cos of the look of it and the sound of it rattling and now he sticks the hoops in his mouth to help with teething. They only cost about 2 pounds and they’re great!

Mamas and Papas All in Ones

They’re pricy but I love them so much. My mum bought us a pack as a present and then I bought a pack as a treat..we were given so much stuff I hadn’t bought Freddie anything and I had this over whelming urge to buy him something that I had picked out..people are so generous and give you so many presents..all you really need is about 7 vests and 7 baby grows, just in’ll be given the rest and if you do need anything else it’s so easy to buy online…it’s better to have less and top up than have too much and feel like you’re not getting use out of all the lovely presents. Anyways mamas and papas have a lovely range and they wash really well and have a lovely feel to them…I’d wait until the baby needs size 3-6 months cos newborn stuff gets small MEGA FAST and 0-3 doesn’t last long either. I guess all babies are different though but Freddie has got the most wear out of his 3-6 month stuff out of all his clothes..and he’s only 4 months now!

Boots Products

I tried to stock up on stuff I buy from boots cos it’s REALLY hard to get to Boots these days! I do all my shopping online or at the supermarket now..If you’re preggo nearing full term..stock up on face wash, moisturiser and mascara cos it’s hard to pick it up again and it’s hard to describe what you like to someone else who can go for you…
But maybe that’s just me…I remember taking pictures of my empty containers and asking mum to go pick me up stuff but she found it really hard to just walk into a massive Boots and find it all.

A play mat

We were lent this one from my bro and it’s been a life saver..from quite an early age Fred really loved it and it would keep him entertained while I took a shower or made dinner etc..he went off it for a bit but he likes it again now. It’s light, you can pack it up and fold it away and it’s great. There are loads on the market, all good. And it’s the sort of thing you can ask for, for a present.

We were also lent a vibrating chair and a swing but Freddie never really liked either of them unfortunately.

A bouncy from the door way thing

Freddie LOVES this…he bounces around in it smiling and laughing. It’s a better parent than either me or Dan.
I think he feels like he has a bit of independence to turn and look at whatever he likes and it gives him a new perspective. He’s been trying to stand since he was about 2 months as well so now he can! It’s a bit of a luxury item I have to have a doorway where you can see the baby and if you don’t have a lot of space it’s another THING in your house, cluttering up your lovely decor but we were lent this from my sis in law (Helen again..thanks Helen!!) And it’s BRILLIANT.


And that’s it I think! Obvs you need all the usual stuff for the baby….I found the list on baby centre v helpful. Which? also does a list of essential things you really do need. But these were the little extras I really liked..

Are you a mum with some tips? Let me know!

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