My Foot Hurts..Can I Go to the Nurse?

First..guess the movie quote in the title..second…I thought I’d write about how much being a mum just basically HURTS. I don’t mean childbirth..just the day to day life of mumming…


Baby in a bag!

Since I had Freddie I’ve developed RSI in my arm…It started in my shoulder and spread to my elbow and wrist..I guess it was from breastfeeding in the beginning..babies are bloody heavy when you’re holding them for hours in the crook of your arm..

I went to the doctor about it and he recommended I take Ibuprofen for it and gave me a prescription (woo free meds)…I was taking two iboprofen with two paracetamol four times a day! I was in absolute agony and really worried this would just be it forever..

But using a combo of lots of pillows for breastfeeding and I guess the daily strength training of holding a baby for hours and hours meant that I gradually got better…it’s totally fine now!


If you’re expecting, I highly recommend getting a breastfeeding pillow or some firm pillows that you can use for breastfeeding to save your arms…

Make sure it’s big and very firm..a softy flat pillow WILL NOT cut it.

Other pains and ailments which I’m not totally sure how to cure are my legs..I already had a problem with my knees and this is back with a vengeance..My hips also feel stiff and weird..I goes I spend a lot of time sitting on the floor cross legged..when I come downstairs in the morning I’m so stiff..I think I need a stena stair lift..

I’d really like to go to mum and baby yoga but the only one I can find in my area is on the same day as my baby massage class..we’ll see about that.

Today I went swimming to give my legs some non impact exercise..swimming is great I think cos you stretch and build muscle at the same time…


Do you have tips for keeping the aches and pains of motherhood at bay?

I didn’t know what photos to use for this post so I’ve just put loads of Fredrik…




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