Oooo Missus! What a lovely STRIPE tease

Hi this post is about stripes!
Did you like the pun? I text my friend Hen “send me a pun on “stripes”. She sent me that. I love it.

So basically I read this article yesterday about how Breton tops are the British women’s summer staple. First, I thought hahaha this article is funny. Then I thought yes! I do have a Breton top.
Then I thought… I have a lot of stripy tops and clothes.


This one, I bought in Topshop some years ago. This is a true Breton top. You know… I don’t know what Breton means. But whenever you see a Breton top it has a neckline like this one.
I wore it all through my pregnancy and I’m wearing it now. I guess it’s tent like quality means it fits no matter what size I am!

Here I am wearing it when was pregs…


Here I am wearing it now with my pre-pregs skinny jeans that fit me again!


The other stripes in my life are both new from Zara…yes I’m obsessed with Zara. Always have been.


This is a stripy maxi dress. So far I’ve worn it with converse and with flip-flops and it looked shit with flip-flops. It looks good with a denim jacket.

I also got this nautical striped t-shirt.


Yes it’s quite similar to the other one but it’s not you see. It’s got a different personality. The first one is like a laid back kind of girl who prefers to drink craft beer and go for runs. This one wouldn’t leave the house without her red lippy and only likes crisp white wine.

And there you have it.
Here’s a picture of Fred and me in matching stripes.



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