Just Another Roadside Attraction

So Fredrik and I had a little adventure this week. It’s half term so I decided not to make any plans with my mum friends to meet out and about…it’ll just be rammo’d with kids. (Bleurgh kids amirite?). So I decided to visit my sister in law, Bec, in Maidstone one day instead. No traffic cos half term..hang out in her garden.


So there I was pootling down the M20 when suddenly the car goes nuts, revving really hard. I pulled over to the hard shoulder when it had got to the point where I couldn’t drive faster than 40 miles an hour.

It had happened before tbh but I convinced myself I’d accidentally been driving in 3rd gear even though I’m an experienced driver who knows what she’s doing.

Anyway the hard shoulder is SCARY!
Loads of trucks whizzing by, making the car rock.

I rang Dan absolutely crying my eyes out. Then I rang Bec absolutely crying my eyes out. Once I’d suitably scared the shit out of them I pulled it together and called the AA..someone was with us within 10 minutes.


I pulled the “I’m very scared I have a 4 month old with me”.

I also had to do a roadside wee cos of my post baby #pelvicfloor.

But Fred had a WHALE of a time.
I think he loved the sound of the cars, the wind, the flashing as they passed by.


It really made me realise how much my life has changed..breaking down on the side of a motorway would have been nothing before..a so what? But with Fred with me I was genuinely afraid something bad might happen even if it was just me being emoshe.

And that’s it really…you probably sit around thinking….What did Lara do today? Now you know.



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