7 Things I’ve Learned in my First Month of Baby Led Weaning


I say baby led weaning a lot now.

Do you know what it is?
It means basically waiting until your baby wants to start feeding himself solid food and then giving him real bits of food.
There’s no spoon feeding or pureeing of food..you basically give the baby food from your plate. The book says, if you’ll eat it, the baby can eat it. Although you can’t give them a lot of salt or anything processed or sugary.

I love it.
Fred showed me he was really ready for solids when he was 5 months and he’s eaten broccoli, avocado, cucumber, chicken, meatballs, strawberries, banana and loads more!

So here we go..

1. I’m actually able to do something properly with no cheats for the first time in my life.

I read the book on BLW and I have really followed it. I’ve never tried to get Fred to eat more than he wants or put food in his mouth. I’m totally chill. I’m a bit like a cult follower..I’ve read the ethos and I’m living it, man. I think some people worry that the baby isn’t getting enough food on blw but that’s ok..if you’re still breastfeeding them or giving them formula, that’s all the nutrients they need and the food is extra. Most of what I give Fred goes on the floor or in his lap so you do need to be quite chilled out about it all. But I’m sort of manically hyper chilled. Like if my mum tells him good boy you ate some food I’m like…DON’T TELL HIM HE’S GOOD OR HE’LL ASSOCIATE PRAISE WITH FOOD AND HAVE AN EATING DISORDER.
It’s still me after all..I’m very highly strung.




2. The best way to approach the mealtime mess is to strip the boy to his nappy, put a bin bag (cut open) on the floor under the high chair and keep the kitchen sink clean and empty.

This all came from my friend Tash..it’s brilliant..most of the food drops onto the bin bag which means you can pick stuff up and give it back to the baby..and at the end you shake the baby off over the bag (then wrap up and put straight in the bin) and then put him on the sink and rinse. This’ll work a lot better when we get our new Belfast sink though! Our bathroom is upstairs and I’ve taken him up for a pre run bath or rinse but it’s so far you drop a lot of broccoli bits on the way.


3. It really is possible to spend 3 hours a day, preparing meals, watching them get chucked on the floor and then clearing them all up.

It’s a constant cycle. BLW is meant to be mega easy cos you give the baby what you eat..no need to prepare extra food! But in the beginning when the baby’s getting used to stuff, all he really eats is softy stuff and you can’t add salt..so what I would normally eat isn’t really appropriate..I do need to make extra special stuff with added salt on mine…it takes time man!


4. I’m addicted to salt.

It turns out that’s where the flavour is. I made some saltless hummus and it tasted like shit. I also didn’t realise that putting a stock cube in was my go to flavour method. I’m having to find some ingenious ways to flavour food and I’ll be honest it mainly involves lemons.


5. Planning planning planning is required!

This isn’t really my forte but it’s important. I haven’t cracked it yet but normally we give Fred some fruit at breakfast and I’ll make give him last night’s leftovers for lunch. This means making baby suitable dinners. You have to really think ahead to make this work and not end up just giving him a bit of banana every day. Like I said, I haven’t cracked it but I’m getting there! I need to up my game cos he’s eating more and more and wanting several meals a day. You basically can’t eat in front of him, he wants some.


5. Homemade pesto is delicious!

Why have I never made this before?
It takes 5 seconds to make, it doesn’t have any salt in it (it’s got parmasan..CHEESE CHEAT!). I’ve made it twice now cos there’s a recipe in the baby led weaning cookbook. I haven’t given any to the baby yet cos it’s no nice we keep eating it all and not saving him any.


7. I’m a bit of a dick

I keep explaining blw to people really patronisingly and boringly..people don’t really care about the ethos and most people who don’t have kids don’t know what “weaning” is. I’ve learned that I need to shut up. I haven’t actually learned to shut up but I know I should and that’s the first step to recovery.

Ciao! I’m off to Italy!



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